I did not, so much, mind being the only double X chromosome bearing human in the group. A good friend, J, was not so keen to hearing that thought during the planning stage. Neither was I. It was my first time to be traveling in an all male group. But I was comforted at the thought that I trusted these guys next to my brothers, and close male relatives. 
With Peter, Karl, and Geric
When traveling in such, understand that trust is a mighty thing to lean on, and a good thing my family already knows the guys. I was both excited, and anxious for this trip. Excited because it has been a long time since I’ve been with college friends on the road, and anxious because I know how, uhm, evil-minded these guys can be. After all, you hang around with your kind. I’ve known these guys for nearly a decade, and we already know our pet peeves, wired minds, what – not’s, and those inner-you’s only a few would get to see. Okay — they are equally nice guys as they are, uhm, good looking. But from day one the plan was born, I knew I had to be one of the boys with them. 
When traveling with the boys expect:
1] Rough conversations on a guys perspective —- on MOSTLY everything! Be okay that your voice will be heard, but generally they are calling the shots in the conversation. Unless it’s, uhm, about-girl-stuff topics that they would know a female opinion. Don’t get easily irritated by it. Irritation is a heavy baggage to carry in on a trip. It is actually entertaining how differently guys look at a lot of things.
2] Some. Secret. Jokes.
3] Determination. They could scour nearly the entire neighborhood relying on virtual mapped out city when the sun is nearly rising high peak, on foot, and hungry. Go ahead and ask the local passerby where the nearest breakfast place is. Remember the sociobiological fact that guys NEVER ask for SIMPLE directions — IF they can help it. Being a female in the group, you are duty bound to do that  having “poor” navigational skills ( society has assume us, females, to have ) as an excuse. Society after all is less suspicious on questioning females than they are of males.
4] Photo bums. Just when you’ve found a good backdrop, nicely framed, and you’re ready for the shot, they would not miss a chance to ruin it. Be cool with that. Those photos actually leaves you laughing when you’re going through the images from the whole trip.

5] To know them better. It is true when they say that the best way to know a person is to travel with them. There, I’ve said it. 

But despite all the roughing up, expect that you will still be the lady asked to wait at the sides when they look for other means for the travel. And even when my stubborn streak won on commuting versus taking a private transport, they were cool enough to let me have my stubborn way. It is good knowing that you have someone to trust with your safety, and life, other than yourself. Traveling with the guys is having to know that some guys never shake off the boys in them — but are gentlemen still. 
P.S. You travel with people whose thoughts resonates your own. 
P.P.S. You just have to be quick to be the first one to virtually drop a bomb, or better yet an asteroid on them. Ahahahahahahaha.. Yes. I was not quick as a fox to scurry off Peter’s evil intentions then.
P.P.P.S. I found the coffee buddies I can depend on, whatever time of the day is. These are gems in a pile of rubble. I love them down to the very netrophils in their bodies. 
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A good holiday is one that is spent among people
whose notions of time are vaguer than yours.” -J. B. Priestley