Taking travelling a little bit greener is much easier than you think. Using less plastics on travels are helpful and less bad conscience bearing when travelling.

Here are some useful tips to travelling green by just dishing out the unwanted plastics:

Go green when shopping I always pack a foldable bag with me for the just incase — “somehow” my things don’t fit back in the bag. LOL. I’ve been using this helpful travel shopping bag I got as one of the prizes I won from Possibly Pinay. I get to fold it and secure it with the attached tab and fastening — keeping it in its’ folded shape. And when buying those pasalubongs, you can ask for no plastic bags if you don’t need it for packing. I would just ask the baggage counters to not pack it in if I have a bag with me or a car waiting outside.

No to Sachet-Package Products. My toiletries, if I can help it, does not have any products packed in sachets. I hate that. I have these shampoo/conditioner containers for my travelling kit and all I’ve been doing is refilling them with the products I used.  It’s a good thing that we purchase family sized products because I really don’t see the whole essence of sachets. It only lessens the space occupied in your bags but it is not environmentally, and even not economically friendly.

No or Less bottled water. The secret to it is bringing a water canister with you. Just fill it up and it will actually save you some but just doing that. And if you must buy bottle water and if only you can, buy the large bottle, and use that for the whole travel time.

No to drinking straw. When eating out, ask for a glass instead of a straw. It may add up to the washing up of dishes but that versus the longevity of the plastic straw in our landfills of anywhere else, makes extra dishes load way-better-less-evil. 

Recycle. If you can’t help it and when you’ve accumulated plastic bags or bottles. Learn how to recycle. Fold the bags neatly because you might need them when your pack you stuff back.


There are too much plastics in the world today. Do yourself a favor and get rid of it.”