When it rains it pours, and the skies where not shy about it. Why hello there El Nido, Palawan, I do not recognize you without the blue skies above your turquoise waters, and dark jagged rock formations jutting skyward.

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We started the day with blue skies, and sun creeping out from the clouds. And when I was happy to finally set foot at the beach destination paradise that is El Nido, I could not wait to jump on the boat tour for a day of island hopping. The island tour provider Northern Hope Tours prepared a large boat with 5-6 crew on it. They also prepared our lunch, along with safety gears for us to use.

But the weather decided to rain on our parade, and when I thought that I would get disappointed, I found myself enjoying the rain, cold, and strong waves. I made friends that day. The kind that you do not share personal information, or secrets even. The kind of friendship that is made during shared moments. The kind that is only formed when people share an experience, and at the moment you bond like sisters does with their blood but you with an experience you can not but only tell stories to people about.

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When the skies were dark, and gloomy, the water did not seem go along it. Some parts still shows turquoise waters, and white sand, and children did not mind the bad weather so much, so why would we, I thought.

The best thing was having people in the boat that were also as scared as we were, was sharing brave smiles as if thrying to comfort them when in fact you were comforting yourself as well. Looking at them they also seem to be enjoying El Nido Island Hooping Tour with the bad weather. It was like an adventure that only a few of us would have. And true enough, you won’t see photos El Nido and their islets in grey, and rainy days because you rarely see it like that — that made it more beautiful.

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The thing about it was that even when we were soaked, and cold, we still found the adventure in it. El Nido when it rained showed me how a simple shift in a person’s perspective can brighten up the day even when the sun couldn’t. So if you’re worrying about rain when in El Nido – don’t. Believe me when I tell it’s has a certain charm to it.

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