Besides the colorful and vibrant personality Iligan City has, it is also known for the simple yet tasty pasalubongs in the Philippines. Meet Chedings Peanuts of Iligan City — the pride of the city and toastiest toasted peanuts in town and of the country. Chedings Peanuts has been in the business for quiet some time now. And anybody who happens to know somebody from somewhere visiting Iligan would always ask for Chedings Toasted Peanuts as a pasalubong.

A pasalubong is a Filipino tradition of something for welcoming someone back — a homecoming gift.

Cheding’s Peanuts started out as a small business from a Chinese married to a local from the place. It was not even the main product they sold at that time. But people came back and asked more peanuts. And from one generation to the next, Chedings Peanuts became the go-to peanut shop in the city.
The peanuts does not have any preservatives added to them. That is why the shop is particular in packaging and the shelf life of the products. What I really find most creative is the packaging of peanuts in brown paper bags and then plastic covers to keep them moist free. It has been like that before, until now. Having something from my childhood days, that is still around, and has not changed, is something quiet comforting.
To date, Chedings Peanuts has a variety of peanut products for everyone. Their products is a mainstay from family gatherings, social events, reunions, to any milestone events. Visiting the shop has become more often routine for me these days, since I bring and/or send my thank-you’s to gracious host/s or company/ies during my trips — out or within the city. *grins* 
Original Toasted Peanuts – “Perfectly toasted peanuts I can’t get enough off
Banana Crispy Hot Peanuts – “Sweet and hot with added crunch to it!
Sugar Coated Peanuts – “The sugar and the peanut is well-balanced that I could down a whole pack.
…..but am up for any treat from Chedings any time. 
“No man in the world has more courage 
than the man who can stop after eating one peanut.”
Channing Pollock