One of the popular tourist destinations in Puerto Princesa City is the historic Immaculate Conception of Mary. Located along Rizal Avenue in Baranggay Liwanag, the Immaculate Conception of Mary is said to be the patroness of the cathedral church. Aside from the beauty of its facade, the church’s history is what makes it an interesting place to see.

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This blue-colored cathedral church is a century-old historical landmark. It was built as a small church during the Spanish colonization of the Philippines. It was only in the year 1961 that it was reconstructed into a cathedral. It was in the year 1872 when the first mass in Puerto Princesa was celebrated. With its unique architectural design, pointed arches and sharp edges, the church will remind you of the structures built during Medieval Europe.

It is not at all difficult to visit the cathedral. It is accessible by pedicabs from any part of the city proper. You can also create a DIY Puerto Princesa City Tour and include this on the itinerary. It is fronting the Rizal Park and adjacent to Plaza Cuartel.

It is preferred that you visit and stop by in the middle to late afternoon. The glare of the sun won’t be as harsh as it would during the early hours. We did our own DIY city tour during one of our free afternoons. It was just a short, and leisure walk around the area with no pressures of tour agencies, and providers. We ended the tour at this area where we visited the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral, Rizal Park, and Plaza Cuartel at the end of our day.

You will find locals, and tourists alike visiting, and lounging at this area. Not only will you see, and get to briefly know the history of the city, you will also see how locals spend their free time.

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