After our energy draining but awesome South Cebu canyoneering experience, we decided to extend our stay at Matutinao Beach Resort and moved the Osmeña Peak visit early the next day. We were told it was going to be a long travel to Dalaguete from Badian, and the only option to take was habal-habal. With heavy backpacks on, and loaded on one of the local transport motorcycle for hire which Filipinos call Habal-Habal, we readied ourselves for a b*tt-numbing ride of who knows how long.

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Osmeña Peak at the Municipality of Dalaguete in South Cebu, is approximately 1000 meters above sea level making it the highest mountain in the whole Cebu province. It has a distinctive feature of jutting jagged rocks on the slopes, and is one of the most visited tourist destination by locals, and foreigners alike.

We went there wearing only slippers on with our shoes still drying off from the canyoneering activity we had the day before. The trail have mixed loam, and jagged rocks jutting out from the soil. On dry and hot days, the climb would be very easy, but on wet, and cold days, it can get muddy, and slippery, and more difficult to trek with only slippers on. I suggest that you wear close trekking shoes, or sandals with good sole grip. On colder months, the temperature can really go low, and it is best to wear a windbreaker, or thick clothing to keep you warm from the cold. I must say it is one of the easy trails I’ve trekked and taken, and one of the breathtaking views I have of South Cebu.

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We we got near the top there were a couple of tourist that were already there, and the visibility was near zero to zero. The fogged up view lifted only show the coastlines for only a few minutes before it covered it again. It was not a good idea to be trekking that time of the year I guess but I can only imagine the heat if it was summer with no tall trees to cast shadows and a place for rest. So It is also best if you bring your umbrellas, or wear sunscreen if you trek it in the dry, and sunny months.

Being one of the most frequently visited tourist spot in South Cebu, it can get a bit of congested with tourist crowds on the weekends, or holidays, it is best to visit Osmena Peak on the weekdays. We stayed at the peak for more or less 30mins and decided to move on with our day. We were heading to Oslob at the same day and had another adventure planned much as we wanted to stayed longer and battle with strong cold winds. Osmeña Peak at Dalaguete Cebu and it’s view is a sight I can revisit some other time.
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Watch the travel video on our quick Osmeña Peak trek at Dalaguete Cebu

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How To Get To Osmeña Peak at Dalaguete Cebu

From Badian to Osmeña Peak
– Habal-habal ( motorcycle transport)
– 700PhP/pax RT (Badian- Osmeña Peak – Dalaguete)
– 200PhP/pax RT (Dalaguete – Osmeña Peak – Dalaguete)
– Travel Time: Badian – Osmeña Peak: maximum 1H 30mins