I sat by the window, and before the lights were drown by darkness we saw this out into the sea. Ofcourse Peter dropped series of names, and none quiet fit to an island of that size, and near proximity to mainland Cebu. Three months after I was at Cebu again, and making my way to the south for Bluewaters Sumilon Island Resort. I called Peter who was at the Operating Room which I seriously doubted because it sounded he had some food in his mouth.  I tried to choked him with envy to no avail. Pft! Too much for torturing the stressed. Now looking at images of Sumilon Island, I wished to have bottled it up, and took it home with me.

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It was dark when we got off the boat, and found no reason to appreciate the island except for the gentle sounds of the waves, rustling of the leaves, and occasional croaks of toads, and cricket sounds. The lights around the island only lit the pathways, and bathe the room with warm, and gentle glow. That made me just want to crawl under the sheets as soon as my bags hit the floor, which I did.

Bluewaters Sumilon Island Resort Cebu 03


By morning I opened the door to a perfect spot for work. Never mind that I squinted the whole time with the glare from the screen, or the view that caught my attention every other email I checked, or the urge to just raised my feet up on the table, cross my arms at the back of my head, and lean to preferred degree of comfort. They say location independence allows you to enjoy work during travels. Only half of it is true for me, the other half is a constant battle.


When I finally finished work, I went around to check out the resort, and found some of my fave spots. I did not, however, get to enjoy them but joined the rest who went snorkeling with them. The crew was very accommodating, and even escorted the group from land, in to the sea, and rolling in the fine sand bar after the swim. I apologize for the lack of images on the rolling in the and part. Believe me it was more of a sea grass washed ashore than one that can be good for an FHM centerfold.
Food was tastefully presented, and a good enough reason to go back to. The foodie in me was happy to chow down full course meal. I love the Chili Crabs, which I hope has a permanent spot on their menu. It went well with the Grilled Squid, and best ended with their very light, and rich-tasting Chocolate Cake.
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Bluewaters Sumilon Island Resort is best for couples, families, and group of friends who wants to spend time together, and enjoy each others company. I have yet to explore more of the island, experience dining out on it’s sandbar, enjoy sunrise, and sunsets, and get to relax, and just unwind. I would love to go back there, but maybe spend 2-3 nights instead of just one. This was definitely one of the best summer staycation I did.

Websit: BluewaterSumilon.com.ph
Facebook Page: Fb.com/BluewaterSumilon
Twitter: twitter.com/BlueSumilon

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