Not all action cameras are born equal: some were made to stand out! A superior action camera equipped with advanced imaging technologies at a very affordable price is a steal anyone would want to get their hands on. Meet the new Supremo 4K WIFI Action Camera, its arrival brings with it an a new level of image quality and capabilities in the same compact design.

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A year ago I reviewed the Supremo 1 WIFI Action Camera, and also brought it with me in my travels. It was a hit for everyone who wanted to get there hands on an action camera to capture their adventures and travels. The same makers of the Supremo 1 has came up with something better!


  • Authentic Sony IMX Sensor for real 4K footages, with 170 degrees lens angle
  • 3x faster processor to accommodate better shooting performance of its new Sony lens
  • Videos at 4K at 24fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080p at 60fps
  • Photos at 14MP/12MP/10MP/8MP/5MP JPEGCrispColors Technology, with super wide angle shooting
  • 2″ HD LCD Preview Screen
  • New: Built-in gyroscope for more stable videos (wow!)
  • New: CrispColors Technology captures more colors than ever
  • Level-up: revamped Supremo app with more features!
  • Remote Control Capabilities
  • Control via your smartphone too via WiFi and the Supremo app!
  • 1000mAh Lithium Ion battery, Waterproof up to 30M
  • Expandable memory up to 32GB (use Class 10 only)
  • Compatible with all GoPro accessories

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  • Supremo 4K has what they call the 4K resolution action camera. It also has a genuine Sony IMX sensor. This sensor allows more light and has better clarity for amazing photos and videos. You can actually see a good difference from the Supremo 1 to the Supremo 4K with this upgrade.
  • Capture the reds and oranges of the sunset, and the delicate details in clouds in true-to-life detail. Shoot with richly detailed skin-toned and textures, for even better precision. Supremo 4K footages achieve more lively colors with natural depth, subtle nuanced tones, and smoother gradations in both stills and videos.
  • The 2″ screen is big enough so you can review photos and videos conveniently, but compact enough so it doesn’t look bulky at all.
  • The water-resistant remote has LEVELED-UP big time and it comes with a more streamlined, easy to use design.


And if you are not familiar of the SUPREMO WORLD app – it is exclusive to Supremo 4K and it allows you to Instant Edit (cut videos into 10 seconds and merge) and 10s MV (for Android only). You can also put themes and filters into your 10 seconds videos which makes it perfect for social media sharing. Supremo 4K’s selling price is at Php 3,880 too. You don’t have to spend too much to shoot real 4K!

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Check out SUPREMO 4K WIFI ACTION CAMERA Quick Video Tutorial & Video Sample as well:

Blending superior hardware and software together with Sony’s technology, Supremo 4K enables you to capture high quality pictures without compromising your budget.