I came across Buds & Blooms while I was still pregnant and reading up on products that will help with my breastfeeding journey after I give birth to my son.  The Buds and Blooms is a maternity product line is made with the mother’s health, wellness, healing and rejuvenation in mind. I found several products that are not only for breastfeeding moms but also for still-pregnant moms.

There were several items I found useful for the expecting & breastfeeding moms but here are ones I bought and used:

Pure & Young Malunggay Capsule is a daily supplement that supports healthy lactation. It is blended with young and fresh malunggay leaves; packed with nutrients that help boost the immune system; enhances milk production and supply. After giving birth, I had to take 3 malunggay capsules daily every after meal to aide in breastmilk production. And since it is perfect for breastfeeding moms to take as a daily supplement, I got several boxes to help me with my breast milk supply.

Breast Relief Doughnut is a comfortable warm compress specially fitted for breastfeeding mothers. At first I thought I would not need one but after reading several breastfeeding groups that warm compress promotes smooth milk flow, I knew I had to get one. It is made with safe, all-natural ingredients, like flax seed and cotton, increases flow of breast milk and may also help prevent mastitis by relieving clogged ducts. You can microwave the doughnut and apply warm on to breast before feeding. It may smell more like flaxseeds, so keep it in mind if you have sensitive to smell baby.

Nipple Nurse is a moisturizing balm that helps heal and soothe sore and cracked nipples. It is developed with the most nurturing and restoring ingredients to allow mommy’s breasts to recover in-between feedings.  Made with a blend of natural native berries harvested from the Australian mountain ranges, certified organic virgin coconut oil, and rich beeswax, it moisturizes, repairs, and rejuvenates sore, dry, cracked nipples. Free from lanolin, preservatives, and pesticides. And since it is food-grade formulation is non-sticky, it is safe for daily use no need to wipe off. 

I bought this to use during pregnancy when my nipples started itching and swelling and it gave some relief.

Breastfeeding Cleansing Mist effectively cleans the breast and nipple area before and after nursing. It helps prevent bacteria that may be caused by mom’s sweat and baby’s saliva combined with leftover milk. It is free from harsh chemicals and fragrance, non-soap formula does not need rinsing – safe for baby to latch onto.

Herbal Bath Soak which is specially made for post-natal recovery of new Moms. There are two large pouches in the box filled with a  blend of natural herbs that infuse the bath water with natural botanical properties perfect for sore muscles and aching bodies. I used this in the first two warm baths I had after my Caesarian Section, it was calming and soothing for me. I would the herbal bath soak when I feel very tired or worn out from taking care of my baby and the household. The herbal bath soak is good for tired body and sore muscles, aching back, shoulder and feet, post natal recovery and relaxation baths. Just soak the pouch in a tub or basin of hot water, let it steep for 10 to 15 mins and use the herbal water as your final rinse in your bath routine.

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