There are so many things to get done this morning but being stuck with a clingy baby is a lot better than doing nothing else. 

We are now at the stage where Koa prefers to ALWAYS have me at an eyesight away. He would cry when I would step out of the room or realize I am not around him. He’d have a shorter nap if when he wakes and find out I’m not beside him. And while he is the kind of baby who is not held or carried all the time, can be play on his own – he would constantly check to see if I am in eyesight range finding comfort that I am just a few feet away from him.

It is frustrating and pretty exhausting as the mother but this is separation anxiety for the baby.

Children goes through behaviors that are a normal part of the child’s development. One of this is separation anxiety where the baby would cry or throw a fit when you leave them even for a short period of time. Clinginess is often looked-down behavior in children. The truth is, babies tend to cling to their primary caregiver for comfort and if they find their comfort is not around them, this makes it uncomfortable for them. Children from 6 months to 3 years old will go through this stage but will eventually grow out of it.

If I, as an adult, can sometimes find it hard to navigate emotions, how much more a baby who is learning a lot about the world around him all at the same time. New parents are, day after day, building the foundations of their relationships with their babies and trust is built overtime and constantly reinforced time and time again.

So the dishes can wait, the laundry can run on its own and the piled up Shopee and media packages will be unboxed another day.