One important decision to make when planning a trip is who to travel with, especially when you finally decide to travel with someone. After all having a travel companion will enhance the travel experience more. But travelling in twos and looking for a potential travel buddy — be it good friend, family member, someone you are in to, or in a relationship with, can be difficult because you have to consider some factors, and even the character, and personality of the one you are travelling with.

Traveling In Twos – Finding Your Travel Buddy

Let us cut to the chase, and hit it where it will hurt the most. If your travel partner is  a luxury traveler who expects 5 star restaurants and would love to stay at luxury hotels, when you plan to try, and eat street food at every street corner and bunk at backpacker’s lounge, or dorm-types accommodation  —- there are going to be problems. You do not want to feel being the one always compromising your travel experience to please someone else.  Neither do you want your travel companion to have a bad experience because it might make, or break whatever relationship status you have.

Talk it over with your potential travel buddy about your preferred style of travel, and the budget you have in mind. Asks how much they are willing to compromise, and be honest about how much you’re willing to compromise as well. It need not be serious discussion, you just need to set each others expectations prior to the trip.

The one thing that really gets on my nerves when traveling in a group is to be the one always on the lead — as if the whole travel greatly relies on me. I do not want that, not when I happen to be traveling with just two. Questions like where and what to eat, where, and how long to stay, to asks how much the bus fare is, or to walk extract information from locals can be decided by anyone. I do not want to kick myself for having overlooked the fact that I am traveling with a mute, and someone without brain to even decide whether a soda or water is preferred (no pun intended).

There will always be people whose travel style matches yours, that’s fine. Actually more than fine. However, if you are traveling with someone who needs to be always with you, you need to be honest in saying that you also need some alone time, while he or she can check out the local bookstore, or coffee shop.. The best travelers are a mix of both — someone who is excited to share new experiences together, but who also won’t freak out if you ask for a few hours by yourself. Don’t always assume your partner will be okay with any situation you have in mind, even if you two are perfectly matched cookie cut out. Talk about it before committing to travel together — set each others expectations on the lowest possible level you could.

Flexibility in Planning

How obsessively compulsive is your travel buddy when it comes to details, or planning? Some travelers likes to enjoy blind traveling — just showing up to a place and living in the moment. While some needs every moment of every day written in an agenda book.

Also talk about some “what if’s” when you are already on the road, and there are changes in itineraries, failed travel plans, or mishaps — you will find yourself in a conversation like, “What if when we get there and the dolphins are resting, so we need not stay there too long, can we move on then? I hate to put pressure on those dolphins by waiting for them.” kinda thing. Discuss what your ideal amount of planning is, and see if you can reach a compromise without giving the other some headache. Remember that both of you will be experiencing it together, and as individuals as well.