Traveling can be stressful but with mobile phones bringing information and online services anytime, anywhere, it is a lot more bearable. Travel is one of the area that greatly benefits with information, and travel services made possible in this portable gadget. Here is a helpful list of the kinds of types of travel apps you need to install on your phone, and some examples of some of the ones I use.

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Travel Guide Apps

Travel Guide Apps are helpful on picking our and finding things to do when you’re travelling. It is not only helpful during the travel planning stages but you might find the need to fill in extra time during travels. Try local travel guide apps. Some countries, and cities already have their own travel guide app that has hotel and restaurant guides, local tips and etc. for you to use.

E.g. Lonely Planet Travel Guides, Tripadvisor, Google Trips

Productivity Apps

These are apps to keep you organized. They can range from note taking apps to calendars to manage your itinerary, or a place to store your documents. You can use those travel apps to help you organize your schedules, packing list, and expense manager in one. I use the same apps I use in my daily routine because these I am quite sure works for me, and no need for me to adapt to new filing system when on the road. I just have to make sure I  put the travel information on the apps and have those readily available for me when I travel.

E.g. Evernote, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Expense Manager

Hotel and/or Flight Booking Apps

Fast and simple way of booking your hotels or accommodation type of choice is using a mobile app. Make sure to use one that credits every booking with points to your account if you’re frequent traveler. Some apps can carry out both hotel and flight bookings.Find one that suites your preference. Here in the Philippines, there’s always a look out for fare promos, and flight fares can go down so cheap. It’s a smart idea to have the airlines mobile app, its cheaper to book on mobile than book on the website. You might also need these for unplanned flights while you’re already on the road.


Local Transport

Getting around the city can be easy with online transport system like Uber or Grab is available. You’re sure to get professional service getting to your destination.

E.g. Uber, Grab

Navigational Apps

Get yourself around with some navigational apps. Navigational apps are not just for you to navigate around while driving, you will be surprise that they are the best companions when exploring around the metro. If you need to get around with the help of a GPS. I usually turn on the app and put this inside my bag and would listen to the audio with my earphones on, and use a physical map for navigation for less unwanted attention from people who may have bad intentions.

E.g. Google Maps, Waze, GPS Navigation

Location Dependent Apps

These can range from money conversion, or language translation apps. I do not use money conversion apps since I do not cross country a lot at short periods of time. I usually just handle 2-3 currency at some point, and I am pretty okay not using app to help me with conversions. I do use language conversion apps if there’s the need to, and I make sure to test it out first before the trip. I sometimes have 2-3 apps of this kind on my phone just in case one of them seem a bit off when translating.

E.g. All Currency Converter, Google Translate

These are just some of the types of travel mobile apps I use. I did not include photo/video editing apps, or social media since those apps are is by user preference.

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