The Xiaomi V2 Fitness Band performance review is a new one for me. I am not always into fitness, and I was never the athletic type when I was a kid. My school “sports” were always the indoor ones that includes intense mental activity. It surprising for me when I did for tried out running when the fad of fun runs where at its high, who wasn’t at the time, right?

User Performance Review on Xiaomi V2 Fitness Band

Anyways, fast forward to when I was looking for a pedometer that can track my steps and also calories if it allows it. I was also looking one that has a heart rate monitor since I get increase heart rate from time to time due to a medical condition. I was not so keen on investing into pricier fitness bands since I was not yet bought into the idea behind it, I found Xiaomi v2 Fitness Band.

  • Mi Band 2 uses an OLED display so you can see more at a glance. Simply lift/flip your wrist to view time and tap the button for steps and  heart rate which is a good feature but can also shorten battery life.
  • The improved pedometer algorithm in Mi Band 2 filters out unnecessary movements. This measures steps taken and exercise more accurately.
  • With a built-in motion sensor, Mi Band 2 knows exactly when you begin your workout. You don’t have to switch modes or tell it before you start. Measure your heart rate to adjust the length and intensity of workouts.
  • I also used the idle alerts feature to send a gentle buzz when I have been sitting still for too long. These reminders tell you when it’s time for a short walk or water break from too much sitting down or during idle time. You can set how the time duration for this one.
  • Rinse hands or shower with Mi Band 2 without worry. Mi Band 2 is durable and resistant against water splashes, sweat, cosmetics, dust, and more. I wear it while I wash the dishes or even when I take a shower and I forget to take it off.
  • The glossy black display is UV coated and resistant to scratches and fingerprints.
  • Textured for a better touch, the anodized button has 0.05mm ripples etched across the surface, in a pattern similar to that on CDs makes it easy to find the button with just a touch.
  • The band holds the sensor tightly in place and sits snugly on your wrist, even throughout the most vigorous exercises. The band is smooth to touch and comfortable even for people with sensitive skin.
  • View daily, weekly, and monthly history for steps, sleep and heart rate via the Mi Fit app.  It is the one place to get instant statistics, and allows you to manage alarms, notification alerts, and more.
  • You need to download the Mi App on your mobile phone and connect your device to your account. It is the only way you can set the features and use the fitness band to its fullest.
Product: Xiaomi v2 Fitness Band
Color Black
Weight 7kg
Materials Plastic & Aluminum
Waterproof IP67
Screen 0.42 inches
OLED display Dialog
Dialog 2 Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
ADI ultra-low power acceleration sensors Optical heart rate sensor
Battery 70mAh
Standby time: 20 days type batteries
Input Current: 45mA (TYP), 65mA (MAX)
Input voltage: 5V
Android 4.4 + & support Bluetooth 4.0
iOS 7
Xiaomi (MIUI 6 and above)Andriod Devices 5.0 above
Wrist Strap:
Length: 155mm ~ 210mm
Material: Thermoplastic elastomers, Aluminum