Approximately 12km away from city proper lies a tranquil and serene Lake Apo at Guinoroyan, Valencia, Bukidnon. Lake Apo got it’s name from which it located at — the Sitio Lake Apo and is approximately 24 hectares and 83ft. in depth and has been dubbed as being the cleanest landlocked body of water in Northern Mindanao.
We got there at dark as we got into road trouble along the way.Remember that feeling when you know your mom has been shopping for Christmas gifts but you never get to find those wrapped up presents anywhere in the house? And your mom always telling you to wait for Christmas?— it’s that feeling! Knowing that you’re staring out on a dark horizon only to see the shapes of trees and slopes but too dark to make out the details. And was told to wait for the morning to see how beautiful the lake is lit up by the sun.

But oh well! Our gracious host, Dr. Alfonso offered us some green tea sweetened with honey at the porch with orchestrating crickets sounds behind us. The rest house was nearly pitched dark with a few  lamps romantically lighting up a few corners. The house is actually solar-powered and is constructed that natural light would just come in to illuminate the place. But during the night, lamps are lit to conserve the solar power for other consumption or use — in our case, recharging our cameras and cellular phones! LOL!

As promised, the view of the lake and the display of red and orange hues in the sky come sunrise was a breath taker.

From the dark sky, the sun lit up and shows the faintest blue sky above us. It is one of my best-to-visit-place and to experience the sunrise at Lake Apo.

Sunlight also lifted the curtain and showed us the landscape and rest house at The Timeless Place Lake Apo. I am at my element surrounded in greens and woods, and water — I just loved my stay here. Even the little nooks and crannies well fitted the place and it seemed as if it has been standing there over centuries already.

The rest house is well cared and tended after for. There were little somethings that you can find around the house that fits in the homey, country home  feeling it gives.
Dr. Alfonso has been nature’s good friend as he continually cares for the preservation of the lake through proper farming and surrounding area management practices. He envisions it as taking care of it not only for today but also for the future generations.
Lake Apo is one place where time seems to stand still. People get to enjoy both beauty and grace of the Mother Nature and spend time with family, colleagues and friends. This is a little bit of heaven in Valencia Bukidnon.

Travel Notes
  • Don’t let the comfort of bed tempt you. Wake up early for that nice sunrise.
  • Bring your swimsuits for a nice swim to start your day
  • Have breakfast on the floating cottage, bring a book if you must.
  • Bring your water-proof cams or cases.
  • Swallow your fears and face the serene waters by kayak, canoe, or jet ski
  • Charge your gadgets full before heading out to the Alfonso rest house, it will save you the worry of not being able to document your stay there
  • Cellular network signals may be a bit weak, so make sure you take care of important contacts before your trip

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