If you’re an Iliganon, you must have visited the National Power Corporation — on fields trips or at the now NPC Nature Park it’s boast of. If you’re a visitor, then, this is one iconic tourist spot you should dare not miss.


We started off by registering on the log books before entering. Complete names and residential addresses are required. Mr. Elvin Sanso of NPC Nature’s Park gave us a tour. We were lucky to have him answer to our queries about the park, it’s maintenance, and the animals in them.

NPC’s Nature’s Park is ideal for family and friends out for a nature trip. They have lined up cottages you can sit along and have a meal for free. But please, do tend after your company as they don’t have maintenance crew always about in the place.
They have the wishing well and another spot to hang around while the rest of the people took to themselves in wandering.
The park is known of the animals they host. they have several in their care. Our tour guide happens to be the resident biologist and cares for both flora and fauna and the maintenance of the place. One that they care for is the Ostrich park, right before you enter into the park.
They also have Crocodile Park, with five crocs and several over reptiles inside the seclusion.
They also have swans and ducks. This fowl just laid eggs and was gathering them in a bunch to nestle over them.
They also have Orchids farm at the corner where the greenhouse is located
Beside it is a butterfly sanctuary that Sir Elvin was helpful in pointing out the different species of butterflies they have. Not only were we enjoying going around but listening information is educational. I can only but imagine little primary school students going around with large open eyes trying to see and grasp everything they could.
They have an array of animals in the park to go around and see. There will be an additional Deer and Wild Boar parks on the other bank, crossing over the bridge and raging waters below. As well as the construction for an Aviary. They have yet to finish the construction for these additional features of the park.
We met Ruby, the monkey from the picture, who was donated by it’s owners when they migrated. The park also receives and is happy to hear from anyone who are willing to donate or to leave a pet to their care.
It was blazing hot by the time we got near the Ma. Cristina Falls.
On the weekends, Ma. Cristina Falls is at it’s best when they open the gates and let the water rush through and down the falls.
We had lunch at the canteen. Since we got to pack our lunch, we only had to pay usage fee of the tables we used. It was a nice lunch with hungry and tired bloggers but the sounds of rushing waters with the stream just beside us was relaxing. We were taking a breather, so as to say, before taking the zipline  that NPC Nature’s Park has for it’s visitors.
Hello NPC Nature’s Park! I am back again on the grounds of the backyard I wish to have. the last time I visited the place was showing friends from Ozamiz City aound. This time, I am with IBS bloggers and you can not find any better companions than people who share the same interest in exploring a place and enjoying every minute of it.

Entrance & Service Fees:

Rates may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)
Entrance Fee: Children/Senior: 20Php
                       Regular (Adult): 30Php
Shuttle Bus (for visitors without vehicles): +10Php
Zipline: 200Php/pax
           + Closed Shoe Rental: 50Php
            + Gloves Rental: 10Php

Canteen Table Usage Fee (if you’re not a customer): 20Php/table

How to get there:

Rates may change depending on approved rates (Post Date: Aug 2011)

1] Take a Public Utility Jeepney: Buruun line ( Fare Rate: 11Php, Travel Time: ~10minutes)
Ask the driver to drop you off at the NPC or Mabuhay Vinyl
2] Private Vehicle
Take the Macapagal Avenue, just after the bridge turn left. You won’t miss it.
3] Taxi
NO metered taxi in Iligan City
Passenger-driver agreement on Fare Rate

Travel Notes:

  • For field or educational trips, send a letter of request to the NPC Nature Park management. Request for a tour guide and specify the number of people in the group/company.
  • If you are a walk-in visitor. Ask if Sir Elvin is available to accommodate you.
  • Be conscious of your actions — don’t leave paper or plastics behind.
  • If you’re bringing kids, please don’t leave them unattended. The park is generally safe, but children may venture off to small nooks and corners and may get hurt.
  • There’s an available comfort room at the park. Please use it like you would in your home.
  • Bring you cameras, and tripods with you. You might want to take a group picture and no around will be able to take the shot it for you.
  • Bring water canisters, it gets hot and you might need to hydrate.
  • Bring your trusty umbrellas, the sun may get so hot that you need a shade going around the park.
  • You can bring your own provisions, but a Canteen below the waterfall viewing deck is already operational and you can buy from them.