Exploring Metro Manila, one could never go wrong in visiting Intramuros. Intramuros is the 0.67 square kilometres historic walled area within Metro Manila.  It is also called the Walled City, and at the time of the Spanish colonization, it was synonymous with the City of Manila. What a better way than stay at the walled city itself when exploring it. White Knight Hotel in Intramuros is one of the few hotels located inside the walled city.

White Knight Hotel Intramuros

White Knight Hotel Intramuros

White Knight Hotel Intramuros is like a hotel stuck in time. It still has the old hotel charm with modern hotel services. It is located a few blocks from Manila Catheral and just a few steps from Cafe Barbara.

Th hotel lobby is brightly lit and bursts in red & nuetral colour. Just off the lobby is the hotel dining area with alfresco seating if you choose to eat out. There is wifi connection which has decent internet speed enough to co video conference calls should you need to.

The room is quiet spaces with screaming terra cotta tiled floor and interesting wall carvings. The beds are standard size with firm mattress but you might need to request extra pillows if you prefer fluffier pillows.

The rest room is spacious and clean. The light brown marble is cool to the eyes and with enough floor area that you will not feel cramped.

However, there are no elevator in the hotel but there are only a few flights of carpeted stairs so it is a soft landing to your tired feet and climbing it won’t be a problem.

The standard way of life in Intramuros became the standard way of life throughout the Philippines, hence its rebuilt and preservation is now a beautiful living witness to explore of what life was in Metro Manila.

White Knight Hotel Intramuros

Delgado St. Iloilo City, PH
(033) 335 3788 or (033) 503 4349