When I started our cloth diapering journey, I was overwhelmed with a lot of terms used and and how to manage and care for the cloth diapers. I did not know anything about cloth diapering and still feel that there are tons of information to learn every step I go. When I bought the first set of cloth diapers from Shopee, I read from reviews and from CD Mom groups the need to strip the diapers so it can be more absorbent. Here is what I gathered from my experience and what I have learned on why we need to strip and hw to strip cloth diapers effectively.

To effectively strip your diapers, you don’t need to try anything fancy to add to your washing routine. You only need clean diapers, a good laundry treatment, and patience. Below are some information and tips on why we need to strip cloth diapers and how to do it properly.

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What is cloth diaper stripping

Stripping the diapers is removing any build up caused by leftover detergent and hard water minerals, which can create more suds during the washing cycles and prevent the diapers from rubbing together properly for ideal results. Stripping also helps prevent smelly baby clothes and potential baby rashes.

Why do you strip cloth diapers

Stripping of cloth diapers is a specific type of treatment to remove build up or oil from the fabric of the cloth diapers. This is done for every newly bought cloth diaper to prepare it and make it more absorbent. This is also done when you’ve been using the CD for quite a while and there has been build up already in the fabric and having some adsorbing issues.

Buildup is mostly from washing your cloth diapers repeatedly in untreated or hard water. You can test if you have hard water by running the faucet and using a soap in your hand to see how fast the soap can form sud or foam. If it takes a while to foam up, you may be dealing with hard water.

Buildup can also happen from using too much detergent or the wrong detergent. Before buying cloth diapers, make sure to read the manufacturer or reviews to see what kind of detergent other moms are using or is recommended. Using a diaper cream that isn’t cloth-diaper friendly, or using fabric softeners or dryer sheets with your diapers can also add in to the build up.

When do you strip cloth diapers

If you feel your detergent isn’t working every time you wash the diapers, stripping the diapers can help get them back to their original state. If the diapers start to smell right after they’ve been washed, or smell strongly after one pee, you may need to strip. If your baby’s diaper leaks and you’ve already checked the fit and it’s good, you may need to strip.

How to strip cloth diapers

The simplest way to strip diapers is to use a dishwashing liquid soap or any liquid detergent. you will find that some moms will use dishwashing soap and some will use detergent. The idea is to use a cleaning agent that will help remove any oil or build up in the diapers.

  1. Fill the sink or basin with hot water, then add one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid soap and stir it into the water. Do not add other detergent or any other extras.
  2. Add your diapers into the soapy water and mix the diapers into the water making sure that the diapers are submerged.
  3. Soak the diapers for at least an hour or overnight.

Additional tips:

If the smell persists, or if your baby continues to get rashes, repeat this laundry treatment up to three times. Dry the diapers. This can be repeated monthly.

If you have soft water and think the problem is detergent buildup, run the diapers through the wash on a very hot water cycle — no additive and no detergent. Just hot water and clean diapers until there are no suds seen in the water during the wash.

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