Hey you,

This has been the most steady you’ve been for years this travel blog existed. Every year, you’ve been telling yourself to go slow with travel, and focus on more settled. Because though travel feeds the passion that drives you to “live life” as what the outside world portrays, you have long realized that it has placed some of your non-travel dreams on hold, and somehow those dreams had started to hunt you. How have you forgotten that you had them too?

Travel has driven everything in motion — too fast and too intangible to be measured that all that is left is a list of destinations scratched off; and a whole lot of “what-travel-has-taught-me-” experience. And while it has been self-satisfying, and self-nurturing, this year you felt a pang of imbalance. For years you’ve let the hands that holds your leash give in to wanderlust and forgetting to find a steady foothold on permanence along the way.

But the years of constantly feeding the wanderlust in you has taught you to respect the needs more than the wants. The more settled self rejoiced. But the start of the year has been struggling, and it shot you questions, and left you with doubts. You thought of letting this blog go because lately travel, and adventures had not come up as frequently as before — you felt you were cheating, and robbing the crazy in you with her passion, and the travel community you’ve grown to love.

Four years of travel blogging has gone by so quickly, and one of the lessons you took from the road is that your need to be out there is equally the same as the need to be grounded. So you slowly transitioned the blog you’ve always attached your travel adventures on and made it a blog of life’s adventures. A life of travel is not for you — it is only a part of it.  And that even if wanderlusting is something you can not shake off, a bird needs a nest as well.

So in case you forget, it was this year year you were immensely blessed because He is an awesome provider, and you took whatever He gave, and worked on it. On your unsteady time, your now 30-something year old self wrote this down to remind you, you’ve always been sure of what shoes to wear, and which direction to take. Do not forget that not all adventures are found on the road, or on achieved on passport stamps — find bliss wherever it takes you!