If there is something that you must know about me, it is that I like anything grilled (meat to be exact) and I would order it off the bat regardless of how full I am. So it was not a surprise when I did some errands at Cagayan De Oro for a few days and we (Josiah joined me) ended up at Boy Zugba for dinner.  Boy Zugba is a homegrown restaurant in Cagayan De Oro City. It was introduced as a “kusina Bisaya” giving a new meaning to dining the Bisaya way.

Boy Zugba | Best Homegrown Grilled Food Resto in Cagayan De Oro

It was not my first time to eat at Boy Zugba, I frequent the resto because it is one of my favorite food places in Cagayan De Oro City. It was only fitting that I take and bring Josiah for dinner there for him to experience the loud but warm ambience of Boy Zugba and its tasty food. The idea behind Boy Zugba is having a (gwapo/hot) big brother serving up tasty meals along with humor with hugot lines plastered all over the walls, and familiar scenes of Filipino community in its murals.

We ordered Bandihandong Karne which is a platter of cheesy chorizo, pork barbeque, and prok belly, and  Scallops. The Bandihadong Karne is a favorite – I would order this every time I eat there. The Scallops were a first that time, and sad to say I’ve had better, and would rate this as okay. I like my scallops creamy and buttery and this had a mild buttery taste to it. We sealed our meal with the creamy and sinful Leche Flan – I could order 2-3 servings of this if I can help it, that’s how much I like this.

Needless to say, it was still a great meal regardless and I would recommend Boy Zugma to Cagayan De Oro visitors or travellers who are looking for the best homegrown restos in town. Do not forget to check out the short video of our food trip run – I finally have gotten the chance to edit it! LOL!

BTW, as of the writing, Boy Zugba is now closer to home. It has opened its (first) Iligan City branch at Robinsons Place Iligan making it easier for me to satisfy food cravings every time I am home. You can also find them at Davao City, and hopefully they will branch out and spread kusina Bisaya to the rest of the country! Kay lahi ra jud intawon ang mga Bisaya! (aw.)