My week was packed with to do-list up my throat, and I should have gotten that wifi gadget for the road  with a Globe Tattoo Super Stick, it would have help me get my work done half the time. I was looking forward for Thursday, I had it written on my planner for a scheduled out of town trip. Short trip but I don’t know why, getting on the road releases the creative juice and hypes me up. So okay, the trip is mainly for business purpose but I was really hoping to get somewhere else and get some me time for this trip.

All I could think of was to pick up the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. Amendment of By-Laws at the Security of Exchange Commission.
Mission: Locked In
I was with my mom for this 2 hour drive and I was happy to have someone with me to talk to and get some light conversation to pass time. I don’t usually get some sleep, so hers was a welcome company.
There was a significant length of road under construction along the way. A good 3-5 kilometer length of bumpy road every few kilometers was uncomfortable and I all I could think of is to get to Cagayan de Oro as soon as we could. I asked my mom to have me dropped off at Gaisano Mall and I could commute from there, since she had to get to somewhere that was totally out of my way.
So here I was, taking a rela (motorcycle), and told the driver to drop me off at Pabayo St. I knew I could find another rela to take me to the SEC Office. But no, I was drop off “prematurely”. I kept on hailing for rela to get me to my destination but the kept on recieving a shake of the head — No. Great, I was lost. I, so, wanted to get online since blogger friend Xy-Za of Purple Slipperz left me a  personal message on which  directions to take. Carefree as I was then, I did not to take note of it. I wanted to put blame on the location of the office, it should not be located so off the city. Ugh! My travelling instinct was not working well for me. 
Eventually, I figured that I was at the wrong intersection, I was supposed to be at Pabayo-Hayes. And so, I walked a couple of blocks and finally hailed a rela to get me there. After nearly blowing off my steam when trying to find the office, I, eventually — thank the heavens, got there. But my string of bad luck did not stop there. I had to wait long. Though a good book was a good company, I was getting notifications on my mobile and wanted to get online for some work needed to be done.  I wished I bought that wifi gadget — Globe Tattoo Super Stick, I saw earlier this week. It would not only satisfy my need for connection on the laptop and/or my mobile, but as well as 4 others, since it could connect 5 devices at one time. Laptops, netbooks, and wifi ready mobiles could connect to it without a hassle. It would come in handy when I’m on the road and in dire need to access the internet to get some work done.
My waiting was because of  the unfortunate fact that the receipt of the processed document was not endorsed to me, so the office would not release the document. The good thing is that I was one of the signatories on it and with proper introduction, and my identification cards — it was released. When I got out, I hailed a taxi and told to the driver to take me to Ket Kai. I was not proud. LOL. I wanted to get around Cagayan de Oro by my own steam. Commute. And by that I meant take the rela, jeepney, or by foot. But I the unfortunate circumstances earlier really took the toll on me with the heat and the lost time — I was cranky and needed a good sugar fix.
I waited for my mom at the mall. And I am not a big fan of the malls, so I just wasted my time at the bookstore, bought books, had coffee at a coffee shop but did not linger too long, and went to the parking area after too much of waiting. It was testing my patience, all the waiting and doing nothing, when I had too much stuff to get done. I did not want  to spend time on a coffee shop with wifi connection, that would only have my mom to think it was okay for her to take her time and I wanted to get home as early if we could. Where was Globe Tattoo Super Stick when I need one — I knew I should have gotten one. All the waiting on zero wifi area at the parking area was totally a bum. I could have scratched off some to-do’s off my list, not wait like a wet puppy outside her masters door, and possibly saved me the face of getting lost at a familiar city earlier. 
I am not proud of this. LOL. But I’ve have learned to keep my patience, mentally kicked myself at the same time, and laughed by myself with words from a book that kept me company. So, the next time I get that “the universe is telling you” thing, like it did when I felt like I should get that wifi gadget for the road with the Globe Tattoo Super Stick — I should not be stopping myself.
He may feel assured, he will meet with no difficulties or dangers, excepting in rare cases, 
nearly so bad as he beforehand anticipates. 
In a moral point of view, the effect ought to be, to teach him good-humoured patience,
 freedom from selfishness, the habit of acting for himself, and of making the best of every occurrence…
-Charles Darwin