It would be nice to start off as how traveling started for me. But no, if we’ll start there, I will be constantly apologizing for poor memory — kasi I’ve been and always known I’d be travelling for as long as I could remember. There are a  few things in life that I was sure of, and isa ito. So eto, kung bakit naging travelista ang babaeng lalampa-lampa, lapitin ng disgrasyaayaw sa maraming tao,  and as if hindi pa sapat yung mga yun — hindi naman marunong tumawid ng kalsada. So why do I bother calling myself a travel blogger pa? Why do I travel pa, if half of the time I have to constantly worry if I’ll make out unscratched. I would rather be saying, “I woke up and realized I was living in a box. And the world beyond my frame doors had my white, black, and grey areas overtaken by colors and I never stopped doing lakwatsa.”  But I didn’t see it and it didn’t go that way. Sana ganun lang ka simple, but — simpleng kumplikado ang buhay.

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Just Baby Leaps.
You can, if you could but I didn’t. When I started hitting the roads by myself, with my own plans or in times none-at-all talaga, with less than a company insurance to back me up, and definitely no family or friends to share all the crazy thoughts with, and pull me out of a hole, I was a little high and was cheering for travels that I can be my own Captain. Pero yun nga, kasi I was a dependent traveller before that, I had to start where I knew it was safe to get lost at (because the probability of, literally, getting lost was BIG) — home. I started planning my trips, stuck to them like glued paper, then I got comfortable at being spontaneous, and now I threw careless moments by just packing up with me a tourism map or rely on Google Maps with a list of the must-visit spots. Then add to that some prayers that my angels are not dozing off and leaving me unguarded when on the road. Gloriously lame lang yung simula ko.
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Birds of the Same Feathers are the Same Birds.

Birds with the same feathers don’t necessarily fly together. May mga birds din who prefer flying alone — solo travellers, yung iba nawawala, napag-iwanan sa flock, or prefers flying alone lang talaga. The rest who flies in flocks depends on whatever wind they prefer soaring on — the beach lovers, adventure seekers, flash packers, mountaineers, weekend warriors, and the likes. One thing is for sure — iisang lahi ng ibon lang yan sila — those that could say and relate to, “If I could think one positive thing I feel strongly about, its bout traveling around the world someday“. So, anong klaseng ibon ka? Kasi cool yung solo travelling, you always have the one and final shot to any change on travel plans. Pero masaya din yung group lakad, you can always count on someone to fill up the dead silent space, and some kulit moments along the way.

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Moved – Mountains, este, Hills – For – It – Moments

Though, I just sent an email to Iligan City Tourism Office to help me with the directions to a not well visited waterfall in town. I was so determined to visit Hindang Falls and Cave that I have to get there even if it means out-of-the-blue introduction of self to locals/residents/offices. But I had to swallow guts to weigh down the butterflies in my stomach — pakapalan lang ng mukha yan. And it turns out, I know the one who maintains the email add for the office. I had a tour guide, comfortable company, and a great adventure just by asking for directions. And yes, a super blooper moment because I could have just asked straight out for it but I opted sending a kulit email instead. LOL! May mga trips talaga that you need more than just your friends to help you out. Getting on this bandwagon has taught me one thing — that people are, generally, nice and accommodating, all you have to do is ask.

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There are no such thing as “Valid” excuses — Excuses pa rin yan sila
Hindi naman ako adventure type, eh, but I really want to go around the world
Nasa diskarte lng yan. We are not molded the same way kaya don’t go for travels that is not your slice of  the pie. Along the way, pwepwede ka ring mag-evolve (parang paleolithic yung dating? LOL), to other travel styles and types.
I am not fit or healthy to do travelling.
Neither was I. Meds, and a constant sticky note in the head that reminded me to eat healthy and stay fit allowed me to take this on. Kaya nga andito si Pinay Trav dahil because of this statement. Something to prove na I can get more from life — I did it and continue to do so through travels. Kaya mo rin yan, when you give in to that travel itch — kakayanin mo lahat just for the thrill of and on the roads. Basta all you need is to take care of yourself para you can do what you love to do and do it the best and amusingly possible way you know how to.
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They say travelling is a luxury, that only the mayayaman can bask on” Sapakin ko kaya kung sino yang mga “they”? Chos! LOL! True, magastos ang pagtratravel. Pero you should travel WITHIN your means. It’s not saying you should go travel to Pluto because financially and realistically that will be difficult ( — and Pluto is not a planet, so it won’t count if someone “randomly” ask, “How many planets have you gone to so far?”). And, kahit na parang oo, LOL, travelling is not a race. Go to/for travel destinations kasi gusto mo, take successive trips kasi kaya mo, pace your travels dahil comfortable ka nito, and don’t let anyone think any less of you when doing your thing. Utang na loob — travelling and your travels is your own thing!
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Followed an All-Over-the-Place Heart 

I started blogging my travels kasi nagdradramahan ako when I put up Pinay Travelista. But I promised myself that I will start it with a clean slate — kasi nga, I just wanted to escape. Let us just leave it as that.The bottom line is — I was up for a run, get distracted,  and just get lost, in the most literal sense, for my soul. I was soul searching, and  was just too darn stubborn to just write it off or  blog about it somewhere, that I had to actually challenge myself to do things beyond my capabilities, and comfort zones. Chos!

Where one stops looking at the world with her head and look at it through her heart a traveller is born. Not much has changed from this Travelista, except now I am documenting the roads I take. Kasi this is for the  pages on my books of life. A chapter for my family and for people to get use to me and possibly a lifestyle they could adopt as well. And to read about it because wala silang magawa — they love me too much, to death and the life after, that they have to! LOL.

My leap of faith was and is everything about Pinay Travelista. It has been and, still is, my saving grace.
To travel is not a choice but a decision.

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