Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

People sometimes find it hard to understand, how travelling becomes ones lifeblood. And sometimes, people don’t get it, how something like constant walking, running, flying, or going from one place to another becomes fulfilling when you’re always on a constant go.

You have to become so attached to it to recognize it, feel it, and live with it.
I can not expound any further. You have to feel the same way about being comfortable with your restless feet. To let it take you to where you want to go. Whether or not how much of the place you know about, or you’re just letting the time, and that “inner voice” tells you what road to take, and when to take it. To understand that travelling is not just an activity, or a past time. Neither is it a phase or a trend that someone is just caught up in. It is a one great love affair, a lifestyle, and an element that makes up an awesome individual the person he is. If you take that away from him, you’ll take the awesomeness along with it.

She could not have written it any better. I’ve stressed this out for more than a couple of times already. When the travel bug bit you, and you caved in, most likely, you’ll be burning, inflamed with passion for the road, the discovery, the lessons you get, the uncertainties that keep you on your toes, and the all knowing feeling that —- that is you, this is you. 
Travelling, is to a traveler, will always be his greatest love affair.