Siem Reap, Cambodia
September 2014

After the long bus ride that took us from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, a short stop at Phnom Phen, we were finally at Siem Reap after a butt-numbing transit. By the time I laid on top of my sheets, I was reminded to send out a message, or proof of my still existence. Taking all the energy left in me, I posted a Facebook status saying, “Andito na po ako” with geotagging. Not very creative, and of obvious absence of pure joy but the transit took all the excitement to explore Cambodia out of me. I needed rest.

But I was hopping my family members would pick up the message, and an older sister did. Being on the road despite how adventurous and energy consuming it is, one has to consider family members checking up on you every so often. And the older sister bugs you to do so, even if you just don’t want to check in on social media just because you do not want to. So I’m finally going through the temple of ruins after another, and witnessing their survival in what is just a fraction of their existence with  time, and nature swallowing them up. Hello, Siem Reap! You amaze me!