Iloilo City, also referred to as the “Most Loyal, and  Noble City, is located in the southern shores of Panay Island. It is a hub for trade, and commerce, education, industry, and tourism in the Western Visayas Region. Not only is it a travel destination itself, but also a gateway to some of the travel destination islands in the country. Here is a transportation guide on how to get there details to help you travel to Iloilo City, how to get there guide.

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BY AIR: Manila / Cebu / Cagayan de Oro / Davao – Iloilo City

  1. It takes 45-55 minutes from Manila, 25-30 minutes from Cebu, 45 mins from Cagayan de Oro, and 1H from Davao. The Iloilo International Airport is 30 minutes away from the city proper.
  2.  From the Iloilo International Airport, you can take a van 50PhP/Pax to get you to one of the malls with public transport terminal to get you to where you’re staying.
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BY SEA: Manila / Puerto Princesa / Cebu / Cagayan de Oro / Bacolod – Iloilo City

  1. It takes 20H from Manila, 12H from Cebu, 14H from Cagayan de Oro, and 38H from Davao.
  2. If you’re traveling from Bacolod City, the ferry is only 1H with several trips daily.ILOILO CITY | How To Get There & Transportation Guide

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    • If you can not get a direct flight to the city, the next best option is to get a flight to Bacalod-Silay International Airport.
    • From the airport, you can travel to to port, and take the 1H ferry to Iloilo City.
    • The thing I like about this charming city is that in every point of entry is a visible tourism information desk where there are available maps, and warm locals to help plan your next route or help you go around the city or to your next destination.