Getting out of the busy Metro Manila can be difficult – especially if you have young kids with you. Looking into camping with your family can be a challenge if most of the family members is not used to going on hikes and camping in the mountains. A few months ago, Josiah and I were invited by his workmate and his family for a weekend camping at Sierra Madre Mountain Resort.

Sierra Madre Mountain Resort

Rizal, it turns out has a number of mountain resorts with camping grounds for guests. You can up tents and sleep outdoors within the resort’s premises. With just over an hour drive from Metro Manila, this is one of the closest secured camping sites for people who want to go outdoors but not be bothered by hiking up to unknown areas. It is also ideal for young families who wants spend time with their kids outdoors and introduce them to camping within the safety of the resort.

Rooms & Accommodations

The resort also has rooms to accommodate guests that prefer to stay indoors but wants to enjoys the rest of the resorts facilities. The rooms, to be honest, needs upgrading. Some rooms have water stains on the ceiling and walls and the first room that they had for us smelled of molds and mildew.

Book in ahead and come early so you can have first dibs of the better conditioned rooms in the resort. It is also better that you go there on a weekday or start your weekend early to miss the crowd.

Swimming Pool & Picnic Area

There are lots of activities to do in the resort. The resort has swimming pools with tables around it. Most locals visit the resort for the swimming pools and it can get crowded during the weekend. There are available grill areas to cook your food but best you bring your charcoal and other grilling essentials. You will also find shower and dressing rooms for those who swimming and camping.

Outdoor Dining

The resort also has a large area with tables for dining. It is a platform that sits at the cliffside with a view of the mountainside. There are quite a handful of tables but it is a popular spot for locals as well so getting a table during the peak hours can be a challenge. There are around two restaurants that you can order food from. Unfortunately they were already close when we got there. Most of what the locals do is to bring their own food and pay entrance fee and corkage of the food they brought with them.

Parks & Gardens

You will also find a park that you can go around. There’s a monkey bridge, hanging bridge, playground for kids, zipline, and other areas you can enjoy with family or friends. This is one of the favourite spots for debutante’s or prenuptial photography at a price. It also has function rooms for conferences and location for events. If you love the outdoors and is looking for scenic spot to have your photos taken, this resort might be the one for you.

Camping Grounds

It is best known for its large camping grounds. You can pitch a tent for daytime or overnight camping. There are grilling stations that campers can use but we brought camping cook set and other essentials to cook our food by our tent. It is best if you bring a night lamp or flashlight to use when going to the toilet and such. It can get pretty dark without light posts in the camping grounds. Make sure to pitch your tent early so you can decide which is the best location.

The best time to enjoy the camping grounds is before sundown and during sunrise. The view is definitely a great break from the urban jungle of Metro Manila. Besides camping and mountain resorts, there are a lot of things to do at Tanay Rizal for you to enjoy a quick getaway from Metro Manila.

Entrance Fee: 50PHP/pax
Picnic: 100PHP/pax
Swimming: 200PHP/pax
Overnight Camping: 350PHP/pax
Day Camping: 100-200PHP/pax
Rooms Rates starts at 2,500PHP


58 Marcos Hi-way, Mayagay, Tanay, Rizal
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