Travelling from Iligan City to Davao City by bus always takes the  energy out of me. On one of my trips to Davao City for a bloggers award, I went to Cagayan de Oro a bit early. I headed to Agora Bus Terminal and decided to get a few hours of sleep at WinMin Transient Inn. Unfortunately, they are not found on Agoda online hotel booking under Cagayan de Oro list but you can find other hotels you can book in online ahead. Last time I travelled via Agora Bus Terminal, I wondered if it was okay for a female traveller to get a room there for herself without testing the waters of decency, and security. And so I did.

I was surprised to find a spacious room with standard sized queen bed. The room was decently clean, and the linens were crisps, and the dominating melon orange wall was more of cheery than tacky, and helped lit up the room.

I liked that there was enough leg room at both sides of the bed, and that there was also a telephone for use in case I wanted food to be delivered from one of the fast food chain downstairs. There are also cheaper options like local eateries inside the bus terminal area so you won’t have to go out of the terminal.  The comfort room was clean, and with only two tiny bars of soap, but the hot shower was a comfort when it is unexpected. Wifi connection was available but only accessible in a common lounge area by the lobby.

I have to honest though, I did not sleep all too well during my 4 hours of stay there. I was new to transient inns, and the hallway leading to the room was dark, and I did not meet anyone (not that I was expecting) during the long walk down the hall. That kinda was creepy for me. The first bus trip to Davao was at 2AM, and the sounds of life of a bus terminal can be heard inside the room. It came in honking bus, jeepneys, and tricycles, and loud shouts from barkers, and music of karaoke —- both can be annoying, and comforting at the same time. Since Agora Bus Terminal is also located beside the market, expect that the sounds of people through the walls.

By the time I did check out, I was relieved to find a family of 5, and group of 3 friends also checking out the same time as I was. Turns out we were taking the same bus out of the city. the Win Min by the way charges per hour at 65PhP. It has a minimum of 3 hours, with the same hourly rate for additional hours of stay. For additional persons, they charge 10-20PhP for every 10hours. They also have different rates if you plan of staying for 24hours. It is ideal for travellers who is catching early bus rides from Agora Bus Terminal.

Win Min Transient Inn
Agora Market, Lapasan, CDO
088 22 8568043 or 088 22 745496 or 0906 966 6787