It was a weekend of errands with my sister, Audrey, and I . We were doing some errands at Cagayan de Oro for our older sister Honeylou. Cagayan de Oro is the provincial capital of Region X to which Iligan City belongs. We needed to visit some provincial government offices, and we decided to look for abudget-friendly but clean accommodation to stay for the night.  Okay. We actually did plan to bring clothes should we stay overnight. Iligan City is just 2 hours away but the thought of commuting after a long day was reason enough to stay.

We decided to stay at Chananthon Bed & Breakfast located at the national highway near the vicinity of Gaisano Mall, and a walking distance to Centrio Mall.  The room was clean, and the bed, I would have preferred in standard size was comforting. There was television in the room, and Wifi connection, though available was not accessible in the room we had. The room is spacious, and with table, and chairs I forgot to take photos off. The comfort room was not as spacious as I thought it would be, but it was not cramped up as well.

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We were looking forward to just sleeping in a little bit late the day after, and waiting for breakfast to be served because we were just too tired to go down the dining hall. Wait. We did go down to the dining hall, it was filled with students who were probably on a files trip or something, and we were too impatient to wait for breakfast there, and the light that came in the hall was too bright for comfort for my migraine. Breakfast was not so promising but it was enough for the weary traveler, and we were not expecting that much as well. We decided to just stay there since we were planning to go to bookstores that do not have branches back home yet. If there’s one happy place you can bring my sister, and I — it’s a bookstore. And location, and the reasonable price did get us to decided to stay there.

The is ideal for travelers who are looking for cheap accommodations to stay, it is located near areas where airport vans, & shuttle picks up their passengers. Since it is walking distance to the malls,  finding places to eat for dinner, and lunch the next day was not a problem, and jeepneys, and taxi pass by the area frequently.

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For rates, and online bookings, you can check out Agoda for cheap accommodations and the Chananthon Bed & Breakfast rates HERE. Rates usually starts at 13 – 22USD, and if you’re lucky you can get it lesser than that one.

Chananthon Bed & Breakfast

CM Recto Ave. Lapasan Highway, Cagayan De Oro City
(088) 856 8189