The ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split was my first minimalist shoes thanks to Zem Gear Philippines. Its a feather-light star of ZEMs barefoot collection, and I tried and tested this adventure lifestyle shoes and used it during the travel advocacy, and adventures around Mindanao — #TravelMindanao.

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The design weighs in just over 2.5 ounces, with a pliable but abrasion robust pylon out-sole ideal for runners and almost any training environment. It also has a tech band design that contributes increased lateral hold and stability. If you’re not sure what that is about — it just means it helps the shoes hugs, and fit the shape of your feet with its high ‘mold-ability’.  The 360 marries the amazing feeling of total barefoot freedom and the protection you deserve.
The ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split does hugs my feet quiet well with a comfortable fit that just moulds into the shape of my feet. The light weight feel feels like going barefoot but with enough protection, and it easily dries up quickly for water adventures. The toe split helps in mobility, and on balance as well.
However, the material near the sole did get a wear and tear during a river trek. It think another ZEMgear model would be better for extreme outdoor adventure. The Zem Gear 360 Ninja Split is best for beach, and water sport adventures, and not so much on trekking since it’s clearly made for the road, light trails and almost any training environments. It’s safe to say that ZEMgear does hold out to their promise of adventure, and outdoor engineered pair of lightweight shoes!
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I really loved my ZEMgear experience! And looking for a pair that fits my type of adventures — more on the rougher trails that ZEMgear 360 Ninja Split is designed for. You can check out R.O.X. adventure stores nationwide or the official Zem Gear Philippines Facebook Page for the latest barefoot shoe designs! I hope you’ll find a pair that suits your type of adventure!

Disclamer: This is a  sponsored post but an honest review on the Zem Gear 360 Ninja Split Review from Zem Gear Philippines