Hi Ma! If you’re reading this post, soon, you would know that I have not been keeping my word. But before any further reading, let me assure you, I brought medications during this trip. And no, there was no tell-tale signs of any allergic reaction. You would be proud to read that what I lack in self discipline for good-tasting food, I doubled up on popping that pill before I get those rashes, and nasty cough attacks — to put it lightly. Can I use the same argument, for Big Joe’s sake, that desensitization is the key to overcoming food allergies? And yes, that anti-histamine got me to sleep well that night after some nights of being the worrier that I was. Please don’t place blame on Big Joe’s, the only spite I could say about them is how warm the ambiance was inside, they make good food too hard to say no to.

Before we get into that. Have I told you how nice I found the cafe was? The screaming warm red walls, and the tightly lined up seats by the side is like sleep under my sheets. Warm, comforting, and fuzzy. It made me feel like I was in some familiar cafe back home, except I was 8-9 hour drive away. Maybe I was hungry that my taste buds were all too happy at the sound of plates lightly placed on the tabletops, and the smell of food that wafted in the room. Maybe I was too tired that temptation got the best out of me. Or maybe, I was both. And Big Joe’s dinner invite not only satisfied those but also made a good impression in on me.

We were invited to get a taste of the bestsellers on the menu. And it was no wonder that apart from our crowd were families, group of friends, and some couples having dinner out at Big Joes. The muffled conversations tells you that it’s a place of gathering, and laughter. And why won’t it be, after all, it offers good food, hefty serving sizes, at a small price.

Apart from their burger steak, which they are best known for, the Fish served that night was mostly the fave of the group. It was light, tender, and moist, and before anyone could get some second serving — Puft! — all gone.

My personal fave was the Binagoongan na Baboy (Pork Binagoongan). It was tender meat to the bite, and well seasoned shrimp paste that did not overpower the dish. The tangy taste of tomato, and calamansi balances the saltiness of the shrimp paste. It is a lutong pambahay that I am never allowed to recreate. For now. So when I do allow myself, I rarely find a good Pork Binagoongan, so understand that I could go on forever with this.

So there’s my story in a blog post Ma. One day, you can use it against me. Or I could dance my way around it. Though I wish one of these days I don’t have to take the pill, or a shot just to enjoy those I’m supposed to say no to. But I promise I will be careful, and that should we find ourselves outside of Big Joe’s doors — we should go in, and it will be my treat.

+ The place can be packed during dining hours, better go there early if you’re a large company to get enough seats for everyone.
+ The burger steaks are what they are best known for, try one with rice, or challenge yourself to finish off their Grilled Half – Pounder Burgers.
+ They also do offer breakfast meals should you be in town early.

Big Joe’s Cafe[email protected]
Gen. Luna St., Dipolog City, Philippines
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Coordinates: 8.585861,123.340477
Location Map : HERE


There is no sincerer love than the love of food.
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