If there is one memory I am fond of was when our Papa took us out one hot, and humid afternoon for some Halo-Halo of monstrous proportion. I was a kid then. The serving size was too much, but dad thought being a kid was an advantage. It was. I finished that big bowl of Halo – Halo, and I’ve been hooked on them ever since. During the ZaNorte trip was no different. The soonest, Mr. Tan mentioned the best halo – halo in town was at Julie’s, it did not fell on deaf ears.

Pretty much after a good walk around town, and stopping by the Tourism Office for a courtesy call, we took to the direction given to us. “Infront of the City Hall”, how was that for direction —- and location, I might add! Needless to say, someone reminded our hosts so we should stop by before going to the next itinerary for the day. How was I to argue? That’s halo – halo we’re talking about. Julie’s Halo – Halo & Refreshments has been around since 1956. It’s one of the old food establishments in the city, and everyone would know the place all to well. It was formerly known as Lennies and they serve Filipino snacks, and refreshments like Mais Con Hielo, Minatamis na Saging, Leche Con Hielo, and Arroz Caldo to name a few.


Halo – Halo is a popular Filipino dessert that is a mixed of shaved ice, evaporated milk, with sweet beans, and some fruits. The locals say that this refreshing dessert at Julie’s has not changed after decades even when this city has. Now there’s some comfort at that. True enough Julie’s Halo – Halo was not a disappointment , and it lived up to what everyone else was saying. I like how it was generous of beans that mellows the sweetness of the fruits, milk, and the leche flan with it’s starchy taste. The ube paste was sweet and is distinctively ube in taste unlike those ube paste I’ve tasted that are a bit bland. And instead of the typical ube or any flavored ice cream, they top this dessert off with a decent serving size of leche flan that added to the sweetnes, and creamy taste to the halo halo. And must I say the leche flan was good! It has a healthy bright yellow color and it melts right in your mouth when you eat it. *Mouth-watering at even the thought of it right now*
Much as the decades old recipe of halo – halo, the little snack bar also bears it’s age with it’s simple bare, but shiny cement floor with crack, and chipped holes on it’s surface, clean, and newly painted walls, and table and seats with cravings at the sides that you rarely see in furniture theses days. Julie’s Halo – Halo is definitely one place I’d visit, and stop by if I’m in town, and you should too. It’s not just a place for locals, halo – halo lovers, but I believe any traveler, or visitor is bound to like it here. I would like to say, “Go and eat some cake” but “have some halo – halo” instead is more fitting. *grins* Nothing broken, with the stars as witnesses, that a good halo – halo can not fix. I do not know why that is so. I just know.
+ The banana cake would, most probably, go well with strong black coffee. Unfortunately they do not serve brewed coffee here. If I have my way around it, I’d buy some, and get me some good coffee elsewhere. So if you could, how about trying that one out, if you’re one of those banana cake nutcase like moi! *grins*
+ The snack bar is located fronting the City Mayor’s Office, and right beside United Church of Christ Phils. (UCCP), you will easily find it. You can top our walk tour around the city with some cool refreshments there.

Julie’s Halo – Halo & Refreshments
Rizal Ave., Dipolog City
s: 8.586278,123.34416
Location Map:  HERE

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Thus the public use of reason and freedom
 is nothing but a dessert, a sumptuous dessert.”


– Johann Georg Hamann