El Nido, Palawan is not only one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines, it also hold true being as an island paradise. Ofcourse this island paradise with its idyllic surrounding islands and islets, and its tropical vibes is part of my itinerary. We decided not to let El Nido wait, after two sleeps at Puerto Princesa, we found ourselves heading to El Nido. It was already sundown when we left the city that day, and it was a good thing that we already had our accommodations sorted. And though hotels and resorts are usually open 24 hours, I still prefer checking-in during decent waking hours.

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Sea Cocoon Hotel El Nido Palawan

We were staying at Sea Cocoon Hotel, a newly opened hotel in El Nido and we messaged in ahead that we will be arriving late – midnight, crazy late. It meant a full day exploring Puerto Princesa, night time travel to El Nido, but also having to make a ruckus at the front desk when we arrive.

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Mind you, I would not recommend it after how  tired daytime exploration, and night time travel was. But I was glad that Sea Cocoon staff, and owners (who were still up) were very warm and accommodating despite our late arrival. I was a wits end having to follow through the conversation despite my obvious dehydrated, and tired brain-cells state.

I was happy to find the rooms on point invitingly relaxing after a long day. But ever since I’ve started travel blogging, I go auto-mode taking photos of the room I stay at before I crash the place & I dive in for some sleep. I spoil you guys too much!

But who could resist not taking photos when you’re happy to find the room spacious, and roomy. There was no need to make it look spacious because it already is. The claustrophobic in me rejoiced because one can roll around the floor’s free space if one could but the bed was too inviting. Needless to say, I slept in beyond my sleeping hours the day after.

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Now to the minute details that most of you prefer. The price range for this hotel is a little expensive than your average. But if you have the budget for it I would definitely recommend this for all the right reasons. The rooms, and the hotel is fairly ventilated. If it gets too hot out, the hotel is a nice break from the burning heat.

The hotel is also ideal for long-term travelers, even those who will be bring their work along with them. The internet connection is great – I did not have any problems whilst having a video conference with a client. Their internet connection is also available in public area in the hotel. You can work at any part of the hotel  with good sitting areas if you prefer working having people around you.

The dining area downstairs is adjacent to the outdoor pool area. It has clean lines, and light to the eye and has warm ambiance to it. The whole dining area is comfortingly washed with daylight it could wake up any still-half-asleep soul.

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My favorite time of the day was breakfast time. There’s something about food, and people taking time to enjoy it. The dining area can get full of guests during breakfast hours. However, it does not seem crowded, and surprising the sound is not contained inside that no matter how loud people get, you can still your companion talking.

The outdoor pool area was definitely a surprise. Ideal for lounging and cooling off from the tropical heat, you can spend some downtime hours here or just chat with other travelers if you’re the social type. The pool depth is safe for children, in fact I highly recommend families to stay here for that reason. You can spend a day indoors, and still get to do a family activity.

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If you prefer comfort, and great service for a travel abode, this definitely is up your alley. It’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed my recent El Nido so much – Sea Cocoon was a great choice to stay at, and with warm, and accommodating staff made it easy to call it a home.

Sea Cocoon Hotel (Check out Agoda for discounted rates)
Calle Real, Brgy. Masagana, El Nido, 5313 Palawan
0917 674 1024


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