Do you have a dream destination that seems like a million miles away? A travel bucket list that stays unticked? Do you want to go to different places but you’ve never done it before? You’re not alone. Many of us have certain dreams we want to reach, but uncertainty and fear sometimes stop us. We are afraid that since we’ve never done it before, we will mess up and have a miserable time. Don’t worry! No one starts out brave and confident in traveling alone.

Filipinos seem to have a slight hesitation to travel when they are young. We seem to want to put it off until we’ve retired. However, one can definitely start earlier than that. When you’re older and have more commitments, it will get harder to travel by yourself, so seize the chance!

If you start now, soon enough, you’ll be journeying all through the country and even abroad. You’ll learn how to best book cheap, yet quality hotels in the Philippines as you budget your travels, you’ll meet new people, you’ll be snapping great pictures, and you’ll make a mountain of unforgettable memories.

But how do you start? Well…

  • Take baby steps

The beginning is always the hardest part in any process. We know it can be difficult for people who’ve never traveled before to know where to start. But the thing is, you don’t have to take the plunge into adventuring right off the bat.

Take it easy and start small. You’ve never strayed from your commute home? Try to change it up a little. Take slightly altered routea. Practice your navigation skills. Get used to new environments and in asking for directions. When you travel alone, you’ll be doing that often. Missed the bus home? Choose a different way home.

But what if you fear the uncertainty? The thing is, everywhere we go can be dangerous. Everything we do has risks. The best we can all do is be resourceful while exercising caution at all times. The point is to start with anything related to journeying solo. Get your toes in the traveling pool!

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  • Read up and ask for advice

Nothing spells trouble more than being uninformed and careless. Before doing something like venturing on your own, at least do a bit of research first. How much will it cost? How can I plan well? How can I book flights? Visas and passports? Surely someone has inspired you to travel, right? A dependable friend or relative? Talk to them. Ask for their stories, read, watch, and you will learn. You’ll also get inspired, too!

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  • Learn new skills

Don’t be afraid to try new experiences and to learn. Build up old and new skills because when you’re out in the world, the person you will rely on the most will be yourself. It’s wise to be well-equipped. Learn some basic greetings and phrases in foreign languages. Learn how to read a map. Learning basic first aid is also a great idea. Taking self-defense classes will also serve you well.

Honing your communication and bargaining skills will be advantageous, too. One of the best things you can earn along the journey are good friends who can help and guide you when you need them. You’ll need to be able to communicate well with strangers to achieve this. As for the bargaining, imagine all the money you’ll be saving!

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  • Let your family know

This can be the toughest step for some people. For others, it’s no problem. But there are families that are strict, and they usually mean well. They just want to protect you, but you don’t have forever to wait. You don’t need to shout at them or argue with them. Calmly assure them you’ll be fine, and that you won’t be traveling forever. Tell them why you want to travel alone, that you’re doing it for good reasons.

Lastly, ask for their advice because family, especially parents, always want to feel that they have a part in helping you achieve your dreams. Let them know. No mother or father likes being excluded from their own beloved child’s life plans, after all.

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  • Start saving money

Save your hard earned money. Obviously, you’ll need some resources to actually go somewhere. It doesn’t have to be a huge sum of cash. But, in terms of money, excess is better than less. It’s better to have backup funds. Take freelance work or part-time jobs if you think you need to.

Don’t forget to look up great ways to save when you’re on the road! There are even online services that allow you to sleep at a stranger’s house for free. But if that idea scares you, you can opt to rent homestays. It’s similar to staying in a dorm but in this case, you’ll be renting a room in a local person’s home.

This is where the ball starts rolling! After doing all those steps, the only thing left is to plan and then travel. Where do you want to go? What do you want to do there? Wherever it is, go out there and have fun!