Hong Kong is a traveler-friendly South East Asia travel destination. The transport system is very reliable. All you need to have is a good grasp at directions and map reading skills. It does however need preparation prior to the trip. You need a lot of reading, and planning so you can easily navigate to/from Hong Kong International Airport with ease, and peace of mind. Here is a helpful guide on how to commute from the airport to your hotel, and vice versa.

First you need to know the exact address of the hotel where you’re staying. You need to know the areas your accommodation is located at (Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui, Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai, etc.). It will be easier to choose which type of transport to get there if you already know where you’re heading.

Airport Bus/Shuttle

If you prefer a cheaper alternative, you can purchase Hong Kong’s Octopus Card, and take the Airport Bus or Airbus at the Airport Bus Bay. Airport Bus or Airbus are the A Routes buses. It is an express service that goes through many local neighborhoods and stops at many designated locations. Expect trips of more than an hour long to your destination. This also means that you have a higher chances of walking from the bus stop to your hotel. Airbus have designated bus stops, and are usually at big hotels. So make sure your have your mobile maps & GPS ready, or ask for a map at the Tourism Center at the arrival hall in the airport.

Pay with: Octopus Card or Cash

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Airport Express

The fast and reliable link between the Hong Kong International Airport to Hong Kong City and other territories. A train leaves every 10 minutes and is ready to take you from the airport to Hong Kong Station in about 24 minutes. If you  plan to travel to the AsiaWorld-Expo, the short trip of 2 minutes from the airport is expected. It is also connected to other MTR Lines making all the territories within reach.

The Airport Express has five stops: AsiaWorld-Expo, Airport Terminal, Tsing Yi, Kowloon, and Hong Kong. When you get in the train, you will find that there are signage, and stop signs so you will know when your stop/station is coming up.

Hong Kong Airport Express Station – Airport Terminal:  Arrivals Hall, you won’t miss it if you follow “Airport Express Sign”

Hong Kong Airport Express Station – Tsing Yi: Convenient for those staying in the New Territories. Connects to the vast MTR network via the Tung Chung (Lantau) line and major hub for buses.

Hong Kong Airport Express Station – Kowloon: For destinations in the lower Kowloon Peninsula (Tsim Sha Tsui, TST East, West Kowloon, Yaumatei, Mongkok, New Kowloon)

Hong Kong Airport Express Station – Hong Kong Central: For all Hong Kong Island locations (Central, Sheung Wan, Wanchai, Causeway Bay, North Point Island South locations)

Service hours: 5:50 AM to 1:15 AM

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Pay with: There are three tickets  for transport to/from the Hong Kong International Airport: Single Journey Ticket; Same Day Return Ticket; Round Trip Ticket but you can also use the Octopus Card for taking the Airport Express.

Ticket Types Place of Purchase Validity
Airport Express Ticket Issuing Machines Airport Express
Customer Service Centers
Customer Service
Online Purchase
Single Journey Ticket X X X  

On the date of issue

Same Day Return Ticket X X
Round Trip Ticket X X 30 days on the date of issue
Octopus Card X X 3 years from the date of last value-adding transaction

Before deciding on what ticket to buy, you have to plan on what mode of transport you’re going to take back to the airport on your flight out of Hong Kong. If you plan to take the Airport Bus on the way back, you can buy the Single Journey Ticket for the Airport Express and an Octopus Card. You need to buy the Octopus card since you can pay the Airport Bus with it. If you’re travelling in two, you can purchase Single Journey for 2 and get a discounted rate of 170HKD for 2 passengers instead of 100HKD for each. If you’re staying in Hong Kong for a few hours, and you want a speedy return back to the airport you can buy the Same Day Return Ticket. And if you plan to travel back via Airport Express again but on a different date, you can buy the Return Trip Ticket.

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Ticket Fares To/From the Hong Kong International Airport:

Destinations Adult
(12y.o. and above)
(3 – 11 y.o.)
Single Journey ticket/Same Day Return Ticket/Octopus Round Trip Ticket Single Journey ticket/Same Day Return Ticket/Octopus
Hong Kong – Airport HKD 100 HKD 180 HKD 50
Kowloon – Airport HKD 90 HKD 160 HKD 45
Tsing Yi – Airport HKD 60 HKD 110 HKD 30

One of the considerations when taking the airport Express is where you will be staying. Check where your accommodation is located, and to which of the three stops above is nearest to the station.

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If you take the Airport Express, you will find COMPLIMENTARY AIRPORT EXPRESS SHUTTLE BUS SERVICE at any station you will alight from. These are scheduled shuttles that leaves Kowloon and Hong Kong Airport Express stations everyday. From the station they take Airport Express passengers to and from major hotels and key transport interchanges.

As soon as you take off the nearest station to your accommodation, you will find Airport Express Shuttle terminal within the station. Service hours starts at 6:12 AM to 11:12PM.  Find what is the nearest major hotel or key transport interchanges the Airport Express Shuttle Bus stops at that is nearest the accommodation you’re staying. Next, find the route/bus number you need to take, and wait at designated route/bus number (H1 or H2, etc) area. A lighted signage will tell you if the bus is ready, and you will be ushered into the bus Below are the bus routes and their bus stops.

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Shuttles from Kowloon Station

  • Airport Express Shuttle K1 (runs every 12 minutes)
    – Jordan Station (Austin Road)
    – Hung Hom Station
    – Harbour Plaza Metropolis
    – Whampoa Garden (Tak On Street)
    – Harbour Grand Kowloon
    – Eaton Hotel Hong Kong
    – Austin Station
  • Airport Express Shuttle K2 (runs every 12 minutes)
    – Prince
    – Gateway
    – Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel
    – The Kowloon Hotel / The Peninsula Hong Kong
    – Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel and Towers / East Tsim Sha Tsui Station
    – The Langham Hong Kong
    – The Royal Pacific Hotel and Towers / China Ferry Terminal
  • Airport Express Shuttle K3 (runs every 12 minutes)
    – Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hong Kong
    – Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui
    – Regal Kowloon Hotel
    – Hotel Nikko Hongkong
    – InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong
    – Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel
  • Airport Express Shuttle K4 (runs every 12 minutes)
    – Park Hotel
    – The Mira Hong Kong
    – The Luxe Manor
    – Empire Hotel Kowloon · Tsim Sha Tsui
    – B P International
  • Airport Express Shuttle K5 (runs every 20 minutes)
    – The Cityview
    – Metropark Hotel Kowloon
    – Royal Plaza Hotel

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Shuttles from Hong Kong Station

  • Airport Express Shuttle H1  (runs every 20 minutes)
    – Island Shangri-La
    – Conrad Hong Kong
    – Pacific Place
    – JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong
    – Empire Hotel Hong Kong · Wan Chai
    – The Wharney Guang Dong Hotel Hong Kong
    – Novotel Century Hong Kong
    – Renaissance Harbour View Hotel
    – Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Airport Express Shuttle H2 (runs every 20 minutes)
    – Empire Hotel Hong Kong · Causeway Bay
    – Harbour Grand Hong Kong
    – Newton Hotel Hong Kong
    – City Garden Hotel
    – Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay Hong Kong
    – Regal Hongkong Hotel
    – Rosedale on the Park
    – The Park Lane Hong Kong
    – The Excelsior, Hong Kong
    – Gloucester Luk Kwok Hong Kong

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On my recent trip to Hong Kong, we took the Airport Express and bought a Single Journey for 2 ticket, and Octopus Card. We were planning to take the Airport Express to get to Hong Kong, and Airport Bus to get back to the airport after our travel. We were staying at Mini Hotel Causewaybay at Causeway Bay, Hong Kong Island. Our Airport Express stop was Hong Kong Station, and we alight from there. Looking at the map we saw that the nearest major hotel Free Airport Express Shuttle (H2 route/bus) stops at is the Regal Hong Kong Hotel. We wait at the Airport Express Shuttle waiting area for H2 routes/buses just within the Hong Kong station. We then took the Airport Express Shuttle – H2, and alight at Regal Hong Kong Hotel, and walked to Mini Hotel Causewaybay using maps we asked at Tourist Center (Aiprort Arrival Hall), mobile map, and GPS.

Here is the first day from my Hong Kong visit late august to early September of 2016:

Do not worry too much on missing your stop. The buses and shuttles in Hong Kong have signage, and voice over instructions that will tell you when the next stop is coming up.

Hong Kong transportation can get overwhelming, and stressful with a lot of locals, and tourists commuting at the same time in different directions but it is generally easy to navigate. Once you get a firm grasp of how the mode of transportation work, you will get by just fine.