When traveling to Hong Kong the best way to get around Hong Kong is using the public transportation which a bit overwhelming but reliable. To get around Hong Kong, you can purchase the fare card both locals and tourists use. The Octopus Card is an electronic fare card that is accepted by almost all forms of public transport, vending machines, some restaurants, and stores. It’s easy and convenient to use, saves time, and eliminates the need for small change.

Where to buy an Octopus Card?

You can purchase the Octopus Card at the Airport Express Customer Service Centers when you arrive at the airport. Airport Express Customer Service Centers can be found near the Tourism Center right after you exit the luggage carousel area.

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What type of Octopus Card should I get?

If you’re travelling as a group, you can purchase an electronic fare card for each individual based on the age group that they belong. The rates differs for adults, elders, and children.

Octopus Card
Adult HKD 150
Elder HKD 70
Child HKD 70

Where and how do I use the card?

You can use the card for airport transportation with Airport Express or Airport Bus; public transports (tram, bus, shuttles), vending machines, convenient stores, and shops that display the Octopus Card sign on the counters or outside the stores. Just tap the card when you get on the bus or after each purchase.

How do I reload fund into the Card?

You can reload or add value to the card at any MTR stations.

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What to do with the Octopus Card when you leave Hong Kong?

If you do not have any plans going back to Hong Kong any time soon, you can surrender the card at the Hong Kong International Airport and receive a refund of unspent funds and the 50HKD.