Maybe I was still dizzy from the medications I took for my flu that afternoon. I, mentally, kicked myself for not booking a flight for Cebu because I wanted to try out something I have not done before – solo. Maybe it was a bad call to be adventurous when I was traveling for a talk for Social Media Influencers Summit 2013 last March 16, 2013 at the J Center Convention Hall, Mactan City, Cebu. 

By sunset, I still have not started with my presentation for the talk. I needed a break from work, and for wandering thoughts, and a call from J was a comfort. But near sundown, my presentation was progressing like the darkness that envelopes the fading light.

Cebu City was waking up when I got there. I was still grey, but the flickering lights signals a sleepy city readying itself to a busy day ahead. I was excited. I quickly made a dash to hail a cab, and have my stuff deposit at Center Suites only to find that Johnn had left without me. Good thing, I could still catch up with them at SM Mall for the spontaneous invite for a freediving session at Kontiki they were having that day. My presentation? Half-baked still, but I was not worrying. Weirdly.

By midday, I had to excuse myself from having all the fun that we were aving, and had to work on my presentation, and catch up with my work hours. A few hours alone in a room of four, I finally got to meet power-blogging-couple from Iloilo Jane and Tim. 
They were quick to say that I should have not ordered room service but I was starving then. That early dinner cost me added calories when we later met up with our host party, the Cebu Bloggers, and a dinner at Castle Peak Hotels. As the night progressed, later did I found out that I would be rubbing elbows, and exchanging words with some of the influential bloggers in the country — I thought of my presentation, I need to run through it again before I had to call it a night. Losing face in front of a crowd was not in my checklist.

L – R : Tim & Mary Jane Nobre, Jonha Revensencio, Me, Brenna Bustamante, and Vic Madriaga
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I thank the organizers, in behalf of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc., for inviting me to talk about the One For Iligan social media campaign initiated by IBS, Inc. Thank you for allowing us to share our social media campaign success story. Thank you acknowledging our efforts, and the opportunity to share how compassion can move people to do the best of the given situation — at what they are good, and useful at.

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