2013 03 Olango Island

Olango Island
March 2013

Olango Island has always been one of the islands I wanted to visit. Late last year, I schedule a Cebu City visit to run some errands, and meet up with my brothers who were based in the city. My sister, Audrey decided to join me, and would not allow me to do a spontaneous excursion at Olango Island by myself. Her argument was: I did not have any plans, did no prior research, and what I am supposed to see there. Sigh. The difficulty of having a sister whose travel style, and adventures differs from yours. So being the good younger sister that I was, I stayed at Cebu City, and enjoyed what I could in all it’s urban glory. Here I was, a few months after. I got invited for a talk at Social Media Influencers Summit, and the post-event tour included a visit at Olango Island. Please imagine my anything-Biology-interest dancing, and jumping inside of me. Olango Island is as real as the community as it could get. I love how the community revolves around talking care of the sanctuary, and that they advocate community based tourism.