Bluewaters Sumilon Island Resort
Bluewaters Resort
Sumilon Island, Cebu
March 2013

After my spontaneous introduction to freediving, a talk on social media and influence, and an overnight stay at Olango Island, I finally saw crystal clear, turquoise waters of Sumilon Island. I remember having a light argument with Peter a few months before this trip about this island we saw on a bus we rode during my trip with the boys. We’ve just crossed from Negros Oriental to Southern Cebu and on our way to Cebu City when we saw this island. I told him I’ll check it out in the maps, and maybe one day get to visit it. And a few months after, even when the trace of sun in my skin have not gone away from that trip, the sun was already kissing my skin again – this time at Sumilon Island. Ofcourse I had to call Peter up to tell him my little adventure. So friends have evil ways to torture each other. Funny how the universe listens even to passing arguments conversations.