Every planned travel started out with a dream – Start dreaming!

Maybe you have been traveling since you were young, or fell into travel and adventure lifestyle by accident. Either way, it started as wanting to go someplace we have heard, read, or only dream of.

Travel is a verb. It conveys action, and it has to be rooted somewhere. Dream, and start there. 
Some of us gets the better part of life, to travel because work or marriage allows or requires it. Many with school trips, or family and/or friends on an outing. We may be young, or just young in hearts; some with enough time, or most trying squeeze in more with less time; a few may have enough to spend, fewer may have to work hard for it.

Your wallet size or financial status is not directly proportional to your dreams. So dream, because no one is too old, neither too young, or too good for it. Whatever disposition you are in right now — allow your thoughts to wander with books, magazines, shows, movies, blogs, and stories about travel shared, or told. Be nice to yourself, and let it remind you to allow yourself to feed your restless sole soul.