Every time I pass by Maramag, Bukidnon. I make it a point to stop by the Philippine Carabao Center. First because it’s a long stretch of highway of all greens, and if you’re lucky ( though, schedule, and not luck more has a way with it) — you’ll see what small moving dots of blacks are indeed Carabaos! I won’t get back into that detail. I get to go off my topic most of the time. Second, they have these milk bars that are just milky, and creamy that you would forget your name, especially on a hot day.

This other time, I stopped by for some treats here with some Iligan bloggers. We had a long road trip, and was on our way to Lake Apo again.
Alexander and I got one for ourselves, and another one for Jeffrey. He asked me if I could pay for his as I was on my way to the pay counter. He held on his, said he’d wait by the front, and started eating. I made a few stops on some coolers, to check out other products, and as soon as I got to the counter I paid the bill. 
It was a hot day, and I asked I could just carry the milk bars, and not have them packed in plastic bags. We were going to consume it anyways. And I was already wiping a corner and was ready to tear it off with my, uhm, teeth. We halfway consumed the frozen treats by the front of the open shop, when I looked at Alex, and asked who paid for his milk bar. Like all serious, and oh-my-gosh moment. And when we turned around, the ladies at the counter were laughing at us, because they overheard my tone of, “WHO PAID FOR YOUR MILK BAR?!” He answered, “You. I asked you too.” I was like, “No, I did not”, and I looked at the poor milk bar eaten halfway, and a bit melted from the hot weather — still not paid for. Ahahahahahaha..

So, okay. I did not forget my name, but I did forget something else. Which brings me to a point. Never ask anyone to pay something for you, and not let them carry the stuff to the pay counter. Like seriously. Especially not like milk bars on a hot day along the Maramag, Bukidnon highway with carabao’s dotting along their long stretch of property.
Because when you know how exactly this taste like, you might forget to be all blogger-mode for the moment. This was already bitten into carabao’s fresh milk bar, when suddenly I remembered I needed a photo for it. The last time I had them, I also forgot to take a shot. This was not helpful. But oh well.
We had seconds, even after the incident with Alexander, and his half-eaten-not-paid-for-yet milk bar. Ahahahaha.. I still get the laughs, every time. And yes, I also have bitten on the package before the shot. So I need not share further the love I have for these milk bars. They come in several flavors, but I’m a sucker for milk, and chocolate. I want them no other way than that. If home was only a few minutes away, I’d bring these  milk bars for my siblings. But for long transit, you can buy other milk products  on the shop.
Alexander will give me a bad stare, and the glare at me the whole time for blogging this one. But I’ll just laugh it off because I’d be reminded of this scene, yet again. So he will probably just shrug it off anyways. Ahhahaha.. Milk bars will always have some story behind them. Now, what’s your milk bar story?
+ Check out other milk products they had.
+ Contribute to the local economy, take a few more for friends back home too.
+ Ask to have your purchased goods not be packed in plastics bags when you see it fit that they don’t need to.
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