I have eaten mostly everything off their menu and I apologize for not having shared how much I’ve enjoyed my gastronomical adventures here. Well, yes, it’s Friday, and what best way to introduce this year young and hip burger house in Iligan City  – Flamoo Burgers.

Flamoo Burger Experience

Most of the time, I come by alone, tired and famished, and waiting. I do not know why I am always decently on time nearly most of the time – that I have to wait. But sometimes, waiting can really be a drab when you’re hungry, and the smell of cooked meat whiffs in the air. Rarely do you find me eating by myself, unless on the road, because food for me is best served with nice company. But, I must confess, that even the colorfully printed dress, and cutey flats I wear could not mask the “ungirl-like” appetite I have, if society will have a way to describe it, with Flamoo’s cozy-spaced interiors and warm service really welcomes me enough to get me to eat by myself comfortably.
Flamoo Burgers | Getting Sloppy with Iligan's Best Burger House 01

Flamoo Burgers is now gaining popularity as Iligan’s best burger house. Located at the grounds of Calda, The Strip, this offers a nice hang-out for family on the weekends, teenagers on late afternoons, and some night get-togethers for yuppies. I guess, I love the idea of The Strip being a large open field for children to run around, old friends to get together, and big families to have bonding time. I would say, Flamoo sits invitingly, and fits perfectly well at a corner of this big spacious lawn. And when the natural lights dims out, and the stars peeks out, it is when still hot burgers, and really cold beer marries well together with laughter trying to fill up the space to no avail.

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My high school classmate once sales-talked me about the types of burgers and sandwiches this establishment have, and before long, I’ve been going thru finding the best on the menu for my taste buds. My favorite so far is the Sloppy Burger, and their Grilled Crab, and Mango Sandwich drained with their red iced tea in funky tall glasses. As Flamoo turns one this year, here’s sending my warm greetings of a great one year! Sending you good vibes for the much appreciated help during the times, when Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. held temporary HQ at The Strip on the months when TS Sendong hit our good city, and because your service and good food never failed my satiety!

Flamoo Burgers

The Strip Complex, Quezong Ave. Ext. Pala-o ,Iligan City
(063) 222 3331

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