Food is a quaint essential element in travelling. Since you have to know the places you need stop by to and the restos/cafe/bars you to visit and the  food specialty such a place offers — and you just get THAT NEED to get there and take a sample for yourself. Other times, the road just surprises you, when at a corner you will find a romantically charming stall that is heaven to your already dried up taste buds and angrily growling stomach. You get the picture, right?! Here’s to Food Fridays and a happy travelling stomach to that!

Enter.. .. .. .. the Philippine Rice Cake: Bibingka.

Of all the food that I’ve encountered, had eaten, or raved about — why BIBINGKA?! Why ofcourse, this blog is aptly called Pinay Travelista, so let me introduce you to one of the Pinoy food you’ll find on the road, markets, and the humble kalenderias. It is traditionally sold, and eaten during the Christmas season but this type of rice cake is so in demand that you can get this the year round — almost anywhere.

Bibingka is made of rice flour and coconut milk or water. Other ingredients can vary greatly, depending on the place or the specialty twist of the shop, but the most common secondary ingredients are eggs and milk. There’s a traditional preparation that is very time-consuming that uses  terra cotta container lined with a single large section of a banana leaf. Placed over preheated coals and the rice flour and water mixture is poured into it, taking care not to spill it into the container itself. Then another piece of banana leaf is added to the top and covered with more preheated coals. Best served hot, it gives off a charm on the distinctive smoky smell of charcoal and burnt banana leaves.
There are lined Bibingka shops at the highway at Manticao, Mis. Oriental (Map: HERE). If you happen to travel from Cagayan de Oro to Iligan City, stop by the highway when you see stalls lined up at the highway. They serve Binbingka and other food and drinks 24H and you can get freshly made Bibingka.

*This one goes great with cold Coca Cola drink or hot coffee.
*Get some for the road and for home as pasalubong.