My cousin Dave was really amused at the marketing strategy of this product, the Ian’s Nut’s: Guyana Chestnuts. These comes in peeled and unpeeled packs, and are fun to munch on when you’re at the Dahilayan Adventure Park, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon. I tried looking for this at Pasalubong centers but couldn’t get any. So if by chance you get to have an adventure trip at the Dahilayan, don’t forget to get one or a couple of this for home.

And I still cant get over the seriously catchy logo they have on the packs.

The Guyana chestnut, is also known as the Malabar Chestnut from the provision tree, money tree or Saba nut. It is a native to tropical parts of Mexico and South America, where it grows in sunny, stream-side locations. It can is also cultivated in gardens and can be grown in pots as a patio and it must be protected from freezing. The trees produce green pods that are 4 to 12 inches long and packed with edible seeds, which can be eaten raw, roasted or fried.

My cousins were up for it because it is high in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in fat. It is one heathy nuts to snack on.

* Get some for home or for pasalabong at the Dahilayan Aventure Park.