Everyday and blogger is born, and the emergence of blogs and social media is prepping up to a hype level and now is the best time to embrace it!
(ENTER: Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0). On it’s second year, after the the successful Blogfest Soccksargen 2010, the presentors Gen.Santos.com, GandaEverSoMuch.com, with the Soccksargen Bloggers brings a better and bigger gathering of bloggers, online media and social network enthusiasts in Southern Philippines.
And as if that is not enough — it will be a road trip together with Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. !

Reasons to Join In Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0:

1] BLOGFEST. I’ve been new to joining in on blog events and so far, I’ve been loving the talks and learning I got from them. Definitely looking forward, specially with the roosters of speakers lined up for the event! I am also excited to meet bloggers I only know online.
2] PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS 2011 (Mindanao). Because it’s a first for me. And I got nominated *hiding a squeal* and I know people who are nominated as well.
3] FOOD COMA. A term I got from Eileen | Possibly Pinay, when you reach the I’m-too-full-I-knew-I-should-have-not-ate-but-food-was-too-tempting result. LOL. I dream awake of Sashimi Night! I know, I should watch my weight, LOL, I just watch it — literally! LOL. And General Santos is the TUNA CAPITAL of the Philippines! How and why else could I say no?!
4] TRAVEL COMPANY. It will be our first to travel in a large group. It used to be just Arlene | Joys In Life, Alexander | Iligan Inquisitor, or Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz and I. Now majority of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. core group will be on the road together. So go look for interesting travel buddies to keep you up company on the long travel.
5] ROAD TRIP. I don’t need to expound on that.  It’s a long travel, and we’re hoping to have fun and to stop by and visit places along the way.