I, honestly, did not see it coming!
But I was dancing like crazy after reading the news online, that I wished my siblings was with me. I was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY tired from duty, got mad about something, and I was already not calling it MY day. 
And then, I got the news that I am one of the Nominees for the Best Travel Blog for Philippine Blog Awards 2011 for the Mindanao leg. I did not buy it. But when I read the list of nominees at GenSantos.com — it kicked both reality and wits out of me — seeing my name on it!
I thought it was a prank, for crying out loud! LOL!
The Philippine Blog Awards is an annual recognition of the best and brightest bloggers in the country. And for this year, the PBA 2011 (Mindanao) will be held the evening after the Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0 at General Santos.
Ofcourse, I’m going. I am totally excited, since, it will be the first road trip with majority of the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. core group. The first meet with some Pinoy Travel Bloggers, my first Blogfest Soccksargen 2.0, and Philippine Blog Awards — and be nominated in it.
And  I, honestly, did not see this coming!

So for someone who just tried travel blogging for a challenge and actually finding the thrill and the love for it. For someone who once read and followed top Pinoy Travel Bloggers like a stalker would. *in all good and geeky stalking kinda-way, that is. LOL* And for someone who has to find some strength and courage to get out of the box and half-listened and then ignored the nagging fears. To be nominated, REALLY, with all HONESTLY is a feat on the humble start of Pinay Travelista.
Here’s the sudden wash of feelings I felt after the shock phase I got:
WARNING: Too personal, it might get mushy.. LOL!
1] I thought: They will go or have went THROUGH my blog?! —EMBARRASSMENT said hello.
I could feel the less than 5month old Pinay Travelista blogger in me. It’s like blood rushing through my face and a blush only the screen monitor could see. Ironic for a blogger right, whose voice is out there, and yet hides behind her blog, right? I knooooow.. *wailing*sniff* But I can not help it. 
2] After a few page refreshes [see?! ]: I was honored and I met JOY!
Like the time when my sister Audrey | Maldeetuh Ramblings and I had tried to hide giggles and laughter, so much — it sounded like rumbling. And our papa had threatened us a good spanking because he thought we were having a cat fight or something. LOL! That kind of joy! The one that can’t be contain! Because I felt like Pinay Travelista was TOO young to be on that list. But she was. And I’m happy that she she is.
3] I was quiet: Then.. .. .. I was visited by HUMILITY.
Xy-Za | Purple Slipperz must have had a vote of confidence to nominate it, I thought. And maybe, just maybe, there’s something more to just my love to share the experience on the road and adventures. And that there may have been more nominated blogs on this niche. And even when I felt I am a just the “gulo-gulo” finalist, for Pinay Travelista to be recognized even as such — I guess, I am on the right track. Which humbles me, and that makes me wanna better myself in this craft. Not just better it, but to take this on and make a difference in the little that I could. I’ve always believed that there’s more to travelling, and blogging — there’s also you and someone reading the post. I believe you owe it to them to not only share your experience through your blog but to sow little somethings through what you’re writing. It is never just writing. There is always more to us putting words together, and I find it romantic like that.
4] and, finally, EXCITEMENT came!
Because IBS have been planning this for the longest. As soon as we wrapped up Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 being the lead proponent for the event, we danced around for the big travel break ahead! And I’m looking forward to the Blogfest, Awards Night, and Sashimi Night! And now, this hyped up my excitement more, to be one of the finalists up for the Best Travel Blog (Mindanao) spot. FAT chance, I know. But I’m too happy to be nominated to even dwell on that.
Congratulations to all nominated blogs!
To get that email notification to confirm nomination was — Hmmmm.. Really???!
To fill up the nominated blog confirmation email — Why not, chocnot.. … …
To be one of the finalist — .. … … .. .. no freaking way!
Ofcourse! I only said that to myself so no one else could hear. LOL!
Congratulations to all other Philippine Blog Award 2011 (Mindanao) Nominees
My cheers for your nominations goes to fellow Iligan Blogger Revilla | Adventures In Life for Personal, 
Marie Irene | Mindanaoan for Lifestyle , 
and fellow Pinoy Travel Bloggers Wendell | Journeys & TravelsRenz | The Geek Travels