It was an early Saturday morning when Josiah and I made our way to his parents home. We made sure to not make any plans for that weekend. All we knew was that we were to show Anne Marie, a family friend who was visiting from Australia, the Pinto Art Museum that day. But before we headed to Antipolo City for the museum, we made a quick stop at Eggs For Breakfast to start the day with a hearty meal.

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Eggs For Breakfast is a secret-garden inspired cafe locate at Villa Estates. It is known as the perfect events place for garden-themed events.

As for food serving size, Eggs For Breakfast has decent serving portions for the prices you pay. The meals can go around 300-400PHP, and drinks around 150-200PHP.

The dining area is a bit small, and cramped if you happened to visit during a busy time but the ambience is warm and conducive for a good conversation.

Eggs For Breakfast at Antipolo City, Rizal
Eggs For Breakfast at Antipolo City, Rizal

They serve an all-day breakfast menu that consist of the Filipino breakfast staple – the silog. “Silog” is a term for a Filipino meal consisting of Sinangag (fried rice) and Itog (eggs). A prefix like Toci- for Tocino, Chori – for Chorizo, Tap- for Tapa, Bang- for Bangus (milkfish) is added depending on which main viand you want to go with your Silog. And it is usually served with a side of pickled relished.

Now don’t get me wrong Eggs Fro Breakfast also serves other meals with eggs other then the Silogs. You may also want to try their Eggs Benedict, Eggs Benjamin, or an Omelette. If you’re feeling adventurous, you might want to try One Pan Breakfast. It consist of sausage, corned beef, bacon, mushroom, eggs, and tomato and cucumber slices.

Eggs For Breakfast at Antipolo City, Rizal

This dainty & quiet cafe has a fitting name with a menu full of breakfast meals with eggs on most of them but they also have delectable desserts, so you need not worry. We went with vanilla crepe to finish off a hearty meal.

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Eggs for Breakfast
Velada Estate, 21 Don Juan S
Villa Cecilia Subdivision, Lower Antipolo
(02) 213 2434

Check out the Eggs For Breakfast vlog: