Travel has its drawbacks, and it is not as glamourous as people make its sound. You will find that it is more worth the hassle to spend a few days with your family or friends than go off to a business travel.

But what if you need to travel for work? It could easily become having the inconveniences of travel mixed with potential awkwardness of spending time with your co-worker more than the required workhours. Whether you like it or not, you’re bound to have work-related travels for conferences, client trips, or company meetings at some point. Here are a few tips on making business travel tolerable before packing your bags.

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Stay Ahead of the Game

Travel planning is the secret to every successful trip, and work travel is no different. It’s actually even more important to be prepared when you have the eyes of your boss and co-workers on you. Make sure to map out the route to the hotel, save any contact details when you need to, and double-check the dates for any transport or hotel reservations. Make sure you don’t miss your flight and try to carry on your luggage so that your bags don’t have to worry about losing it.

Remember the saying that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” will help keep the trip running smoothly and avoid you being pegged as the one coworker who couldn’t get her stuff together.

Pack Smart

Besides packing your clothes, don’t forget to bring a few essential items to help save your sanity. These may included a pair of earplugs to catch some zzz’s on a flight, headphones that you can use as a “I don’t feel like chatting” sign, or a pack of cards to keep you and your officemates occupied during a layover or a lunch break.

Dress the Part

Fill your suitcase with clothing appropriate to the occasion. If you’re going to be flying with co-workers or potentially meet clients at the airport, make sure that your travel outfit is something cozy yet professional. If you’re sharing a room with a co-worker, don’t count on the hotel providing you with a robe. Make sure to pack a pair of respectable PJ’s.

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Be Adventurous

Every destination, no matter how small, will always have something to keep you and your co-workers entertained. Find the local places using TripAdvisor to see and become a tourist on your free time, or simply finding a place to eat and enjoy time with your coworkers. Spend your free time wisely being adventurous and exploring a bit of the city/town you travelled to.

Have Fun

That said, remember that a work trip is not a personal travel. Even if you find yourself off the clock, after-hours events with your co-workers are not the time to have a party time at the bar. What happens at the regional sales conference doesn’t necessarily stay at the regional sales conference. You don’t want to run the risk of having a bad behavior making it back to your boss. A good rule of thumb is not to drink more on a work trip than you would at any other business function.

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Ask any experienced traveler for tips, and they’ll probably mention the benefits of having a positive attitude. Also anticipate that there might be a few delays or uncomfortable moments during a business travel. Make sure to not to let them get to you. The real key to business travel is making it worth the travel both in work, and off-work time!