I spend too much time in airports than I should be. Preferring early morning or early evening flights during my domestic trips, I find myself hanging around the airport during the hours when I should productive. Being an online freelancer, and having a cool boss who allows flexibility in my work hours – I get to bring work around with me. It may not always be the ideal vacation for some – to have work around with them when they are meant to take a break from work, but that is not always my case. I end up going to the airport early to find some place to do some work while waiting for my flight, and not waste working hours on the road to the airport. This is one of the reason I discovered and now frequent an airport lounge called The Wings Transit Lounge at Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

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We chanced upon The Wings Transit Lounge when we were looking for a place to work at – which can be quiet difficult at an airport. Our option was to find an airport lounge that does not require exclusive membership pass. The Wings Transit Lounge is an airport lounge open to all travelers with no exclusive membership pass. It is located in one of the quiet parts of NAIA Terminal 3 at the 4th floor just before the Food Hall.

Adjacent to the lobby/front desk are tables for dining or for work. The space is designed to occupy a side of the wall without making the guest feel too crowded. There is a dining area with a buffet of complimentary finger foods and drinks. You will also find reading materials like magazines, and newspaper if you want to read during your downtime. Beside the dining area are computers the guests can use to check their emails or make/manage last minute flight or hotel bookings.

Their accommodations range from the basic lounge with lined up reclining chairs you can relax on, single-sex sleeping capsules with privacy screens, or private rooms with bunk beds that sleep up 2 – 4 guests. The rooms and sleeping areas are dimly lit with just enough room to move around. The bathrooms and comfort rooms are share but you get a fresh new towel with a set of toiletries waiting in your room upon check-in.

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The Wings Transit Lounge is ideal for people waiting for their connecting or delayed flights. Besides a place to lounge or sleep at, other amenities includes massage and hand and foot spa services,  in-house barber shop, secure luggage areas, and shower facilities  to those who just want a quick shower.

I have tried both lounge services with reclining seats with some friends while we were waiting for our flight, and the private room on another occasion  while I waited for my late night flight alone. I prefer staying in a private room when I check-in by myself so I can get some sleep without having to worry about my things, or my safety. I also have a tiny problem with close spaces so I have yet to try the sleeping capsules. Overall I would say – for the weary and tired traveler – The Wing transit Lounge is a good place to stay at. In two occasions, I did get to hear the front desk apologizing to people because the rooms are fully booked already. They do not accept advance booking, so you can’t book early in the day and choose to stay later that evening. It can also be a bit expensive than just staying at one of the cafes or shops in the airport to wait for your flight. But convenience can be a bit pricey if you’re not ready to shell out for it.

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The Wings Transit Lounge

(02) 886 9464