One of the waterfalls that has been on my list for the longest lies in the far-flung boundary barangay of Iligan City. Limunsudan Falls, the second highest waterfall in the Philippines is located at Sitio Limunsudan, Brgy. Rogongon, Iligan City. The barangay furthest from the city proper, and is the boundary to the other regions neighboring the Lone City of Iligan. It is one of the most powerful waterfalls I’ve seen, and know of to exist in the country — towering, and massive with a water drop of 870 feet. This two tiered waterfall gushing down massive volumes of water a majestic, only my opinion, ofcourse, as Ma. Cristina Falls. How can giants in the wild be as beautiful as this?


There are two routes to getting there: First, a long, and laborious trek of 3 days from the city proper to Brgy. Rogongon which is one of the largest barangays in Iligan. The other route is taking the cemented, and then rough roads  passing 3 other regions: Misamis Oriental, Bukidnon, and ARMM to get there.  

Though Limunsudan Falls is located in Iligan City, as of this writing the easiest, and quickest route to get there would have to be getting out of Iligan City, and pass by the neighboring municipalities of the other regions. A road in current construction to directly connect Iligan City to Bukidnon will soon shorten the travel time for those coming from Iligan City, and make the accessibility more easier but that is expected to finish on 2016. Together with the some of Iligan Bloggers, I blocked out a weekend for a Limunsudan waterfall experience.


What makes this waterfall experience unique from the other waterfalls I’ve visited in Iligan City is it’s attachment with the community it is located at. The community’s traditions, and rituals is, as told, still similar to how the forefathers of these Higaonons say prayers, pay tribute, and perform their rituals for locals, or visitors planning to visit Limunsudan Falls.   [sam_pro id=”0_1″ codes=”true”]   After the long ride from Iligan City on cemented roads, and the rough roads on habal-habal for more, or less 5 hours, we reached the Sitio Limunsudan where the Chieftain, and the Datus performed their ritual, and ceremony to bless our exploration that it may be free from harm, and that we get home safety from our adventure, and travel.  


After stopping by the Sitio Limunsudan, and having the community perform the rituals, we rode the habal-habal on rough, narrow, and steep roads, and trekked from the jump-off to the view deck. We were escorted by locals, and community leaders to the closest, and safest we could get to see the waterfall. Another ritual was done by one of the Datu who accompanied us.  You think you’ve seen the grandest, the most charming, or may have already found your favorite waterfall — but the best ones, like Limunsudan Falls, always knows how to take one’s breath away.

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