Other than surfing at the famous Cloud 9, and getting yourself tanned up at the perfect beach lines you will find anywhere at Siargao Island, you can try out Island Hopping as well. There are two types of island tours that takes you out of mainland Siargao Island to it’s neighboring islands. One is going to Sohoton Cove, or Bucas Grande Group of Islands, Siargao. It includes going through cave system, cliff jumping, swimming in stingless jellyfish, and island hopping. The other one is island hopping to three different islands, namely Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands which are near proximity of mainland Siargao which is ideal spending time at the beach, and with your travel companions.

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The average rate you will get for this Island Hopping Tour for Naked, Daku, and Guyam Islands is at 700PhP/Pax, minimum of three, with inclusion of lunch. If you’re traveling alone that means an entire budget of 2100PhP, accompanied by a large appetite for lunch good for three people. If you’re traveling in group, the rate is still at 700PhP/Pax, regardless how many you are in a group.
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Here are your possible expenditures for a Do-It-Yourself Siargao Island Hopping Tour:
Outrigger Boat Rental (at the marketplace, or island hoping jump-off):
     (Whole Day) 6-12Pax: 1500PhP
     (Half Day) 6-12Pax: 1200PhP
Cottage Rental: 100PhP
Island Fee (only at Guyam Island): 10PhP/Pax
*** If you’re planning to have your lunch during the island tour:
Cooking Fee at Dako Island: 200PhP
Buy uncooked rice, fish, condiments, and at the market: 200-500PhP (Fresh fish can be bought at ~70PhP/kilo depending on availability – no kidding!)
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  • I do not have contact number of the outrigger boat. You can ask your the resort or accommodation you’re staying at to assist you, or you can easily rent one at the marketplace jump-off for the island hopping.
  • For Solo Travelers: You can hire an outrigger boat for half the day. You can even look for a smaller outrigger boat that will charge you less. Your budget would be 1200-1500PhP.
  • For Group Travels: You can always add up any expenses, and split it equally.
  • Bring bottled water.
  • The sea current is pretty strong, please don’t leave your kids to swim by themselves.
  • Purchase fresh produce, and meat at the local market, which is also the jump-off of the island hopping tour, early.

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