We all saw the black and white image of the Ma. Cristina Falls of Iligan City is pages of our textbooks growing up. Some may have also wrote it in a blank line during one of your quizzes. Ma. Cristina Falls is known as the Majestic Waterfalls in the Philippines.

The domineering facade of water dropping at the a 320 foot water drop, it’s what most people equate Iligan City with – thus earning the moniker, The City of Majestic Waterfalls. It is located 9.3 kilometers away southwest of the city proper at the boundaries of Brgys. Ditucalan, and Buru-un. Well-known for its magnificent beauty – a sight, and it’s existence you will definitely remember.

It is connected to Agus River and is often called the twin falls with a rock separating the flow at the brink of the waterfall. This is where the old folk tale of twin sisters Maria and Cristina who fell in one with the same man. The man loved both of them and could not decide who to choose over the other. The sisters loved each other so much they were willing to sacrifice their lives for the other. The younger sister, Maria, went to the waterfalls and sacrificed herself for her sister’s happiness. But when Cristina found out about it, she too jumped into the raging waters of the falls. The man found their bodies and buried it under the falls. Having lost his loves, he never married and called the waterfalls after the two sisters,Marie Cristina.

Ma. Cristina Falls massive water drop and current is estimated to produce 200 megawatts providing 70% of Mindanao’s electricity. It is located within the Agus 6/7 HEP Complex at Brgy. Buruun, Iligan City. Ma. Cristina Falls powers the Agus VI Hydroelectric Plant when it was commissioned last May 31, 1953 and is operated by the National Power Corporation. It is available for viewing at the viewing deck and a must-stop-over when visiting Iligan City. You can also visit NPC Natures Park while you’re at the vicinity.

DIRECTIONS | How to get to Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan City

  • Public Jeepney: Buru-un Line
    • Fare: 10 – 15 Php
    • Jeepney line can be located at Corner Roxas Ave. – Arenata St. or after the third block south bound  from Crown Paper & Stationer, fronting Jollibee Aguinaldo/ Main. Check map here.
    • Ask the driver to drop you off the NPC, or Agus. You wont miss it, it’s right after the Buru-un Bridge which is currently orange in colour.
    • Walk a few 15-20m to the the main entrance.
  • Public Utility Vehicles: Taxi
    • Fare depends on agreed rate with the driver

Other Fees & Expenses:

  • Nature’s Park Entrance Fees:
    • Regular: 35Php
    • Student/ Senior Citizen: 20Php
  • Coaster: 10PhP pax, minimun of 5 Pax
    • For those without private vehicles, a coaster is provided for you and your party. It may take awhile to wait for it though, since they only have one coaster to serve everyone.

****Updated: November 2014
****Fares may change depending on approved rates